If you are looking to make a quick buck, then the stock market is not for you. You need to be patient and know what you are doing if you want to make returns in the long-run. Here are powerful ways to improve your stock market ability.

  1. Take Care of the Basics

Prior to making your initial investment, take time to understand the basics regarding the stock market as well as the individual securities comprising the market. You need to concentrate on individual securities as opposed to the whole market. At times, every stock goes in a similar direction. Even after averages drop by 100 points, some company stocks will rise in price. Some concepts you need to be familiar with are:

  • Stock market order types: Learn the difference between limit order, stop limit order, market orders, stop market orders, trailing stop loss orders, and others.
  • Various types of investment accounts: Cash accounts are the most common account types, but regulations for particular trade types need margin accounts. You need to comprehend the calculation of margins and the difference between maintenance and initial margin requirements.

You can even take online courses to learn some investment concepts that are essential to your trading. For instance, Options Animal is an online education platform with online courses on options.

  1. Leverage

Leverage means utilizing borrowed money to carry out a stock market strategy. If you use a margin account, brokerage firms and banks can offer you loans for purchasing stocks, which is typically half of the purchase value. Simply put, if you want to purchase shares worth $5,000, your bank or brokerage firm could loan you $2,500. In case the price of stocks double, you stand to make a 100% return on your investment if you bought all the shares with your money. If you leveraged, you stand to make a 300% return since you also made a profit on money that was not yours. But if the stocks lose value by half, you stand to make as much loss in case you leveraged. Leverage is a great tool if you are an expert in trading stocks. But you should avoid it if you are not an expert yet.

  1. Diversification

Expert investors like Buffet avoid diversification of stock since they are confident that they have carried all the needed research to find and quantify potential risk. They are also sure that they can pinpoint any prospective dangers that will put their position in danger, and they can liquidate their investment prior to making significant losses. While these experienced investors prefer to put all their eggs in one basket and watch it, you have to be careful and do the opposite. The best way to manage risk is diversification of exposure to risk. Investors who are prudent possess stocks of various companies in various industries. Hence, if there is a single bad investment, all their holding will not be significantly affected.

  1. Keep Your Emotions in Control

The most significant obstacle to making profits in the stock market is the inability to control your emotions and come up with logical decisions. In the short run, the stock prices are a reflection of the whole investment community’s emotions. When most investors are uncertain about an organization, there is a high likelihood that the stock price will drop. When a majority of them feel positive about the future of the organization, the price of the stock will likely go up.

The person feeling uncertain about the market is referred to as a “bear,” while the one who feels positive is referred to as a “bull.” During the trading hours, the progressive battle between bears and bulls is seen in the constantly varying securities’ price. These short-term changes are driven by hopes, rumors, and speculations as opposed to logic and systematic analysis of the firm’s prospects, assets, and management. Hence, be sure to have an exit strategy prior to buying security and execute that strategy without emotions.


Following these powerful ways will make you a great trader in the stock market. You will not only get a useful skill, but you will make a fortune out of it.