Being the most remunerative field of this century, Big data & Analytics is pulling the attention of a solid gush of professionals. People are well aware of the fact that Big data is the future, in fact, it is also an enormous part of our current lives.

Though in the phase of infancy, big data is being leveraged by any & every organization that is aspiring to give a strong, vigorous competition in the marketplace. Big data can be seen as a blessing over businesses that can use it for enhancing their profits like never before.

The top companies in the world are now able to provide better and more efficacious services to their customers by going deep into their psychology and extracting information on their needs and preferences. By taking help from technologies bestowed by Big Data, businesses have become capable of understanding the wider picture components that are essential to their existence.

However, Firms shall not be able to explore the full power of Big data without the presence of professionals with the expertise to put its application into a good use by drawing value out of complicated data sets that are overloaded with important information.

Therefore, building a career in Big Data & Analytics is the wisest step a person can take at this point in time. Professionals can attract immense wealth and also create a rigid foundation over which they can build a lucrative future for themselves.

There is a soaring demand for big data analysts, architects, and engineering and it only seems to go up. As a result of which, a plethora of establishments have come up with communicative certification programs in Big Data & Analytics that will create a stratum of professionals who shall be exceptionally well-versed in technologies that are helpful for human in pulling out meaning insights for refining business processes.

Here is a list of Big Data Certifications that are gaining gigantic amount of fame in the market.

  1. Cloudera Certified Professional

The Cloudera certification program assists you in designing and developing data pipelines which are helpful in testing your knowledge in data ingestion, and analysis. Fortunately, Cloudera is a huge name in the realm of Big Data Hadoop. So basically, this certification can be an evidence to prove your exceptional expertise in Big Data Hadoop. Cloudera offers a wide variety of certifications in the zones of Apache Spark, Hadoop development, Hadoop administration, and so on. It is advisable for you to choose a certification as per the area of your interest.

  1. Associate Big Data Analyst

Offered by Data Science Council of America (DASCA), Associate Big Data Analyst is an excellent support for backing up young professionals taking deep interest in the world of analytics. This certification has the potential to clear the path to success for people aspiring to be celebrated big data professionals. Earning this big data certification can help one enter the doors leading to the profitable world of data science and analytics.

  1. Hortonworks Hadoop Certification

Presented by Hortonworks, this is a reputed Hadoop certification that is apt for Hadoop administrators, Hadoop developers, Spark developers along with other categories of big data professionals. The certification programs by Hortonworks are immensely sought-after, especially in the world of corporates Therefore, according to professionals, it is absolutely worthwhile to earn this Big Data Certification.

  1. EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certifications

An exceptionally well-structure program, the EMC data science and big data analytics certification has been introduced to help you gain dexterity of the Hadoop ecosystem encircling the Pig, HBase and Hive. If you pursue this program, you will be able to showcase your prowess in data science elements, such as logistic regression, random forests, data visualization together with natural language processing.


  1. Thanks Niti for sharing your insights and make us aware of the fact that Big data is the future.
    Moreover, as it a world full of competition, a certified data scientist will be gaining gigantic amount of frame in the market.