Finding quality catering is one of the most important parts of wedding planning you need to take care of unless the venue provides their own food options. In order to offer your guests the best of the best, you must look for the highest quality catering services, which can be challenging. Not only should you ask and check their references but also ask about the food choices and a lot of additional information that will ensure exquisite service.

Check what foods the caterer can serve Check what foods the caterer can serve

If you’re planning a big wedding, that means a huge variety of guests and their food preferences as well. From vegan to kosher and halal food, not every catering company will be able to offer you a myriad of options. That’s why it’s essential that you ask about the types of food they can provide before you decide to hire them. The last thing you need is a hungry wedding party. If you want alcoholic drinks and would like a bartender at service, see if the catering company offers that as well. Maybe they specialize in a certain cuisine or they can even recommend some food choices.

Ask for reference

It’s essential that you hire a catering company which has already been hired by someone you know or at least one that many people have heard of and know is sensational. Always ask for references and only look for local catering companies that are experienced in what they do. Feel free to ask about the number of weddings they do a year, as well as how many weddings they will be serving on the same day as yours. You do not want a company who’s overbooked and can easily make a mistake by delivering the wrong catering, but you shouldn’t go for those that can barely book a single wedding a month. Their expertise in weddings held at different venues will also let you know how they handle various sites and environments and how experienced they are.

Check the food presentation

Some catering companies may have their signature fare, in which case you should ask about it. Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations on food choices based on the number of guests, your budget and your wedding style. If you’d like the food to be prepared on-site, check if they can do it or if they prefer bringing it in prepared beforehand. Feel free to ask where the food comes from and if they can source organic or sustainably farmed ingredients, if that’s what’s important to you. Also, the catering company should be able to provide special foods for people with allergies or dietary restrictions.

Ask about payment optionsAsk about payment options

Sometimes, the bride and groom-to-be will have their special wishes about the foods, and if that’s not on the menu, extra charges may be in order. Make sure you ask about it in advance as well as about all the information regarding payment. A sit-down meal, a buffet, stations, a cocktail-style reception, and family-style receptions all have different pricing, so be sure to ask about all of them so that you can count it into your budget. The wedding cake may or may not be a part of the catering, so don’t forget to ask if you’ll have to pay extra if you have some special requests regarding the cake.

The food choices and the presentation can leave a huge impression on an entire wedding party, which is why you should pay special attention to picking the perfect caterer. Aside from doing your best to make this the most magical day of your life, you should also make sure everybody has fun and is offered exquisite food and drinks. Therefore, be sure to follow the previously mentioned steps before you make the final decision about the catering services.