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There are many ways to go about getting free content. But remember, it’s often worth exactly what you pay for it.

However, if you give away your best content, your business may grow by as much as 290%, according to Neil Patel, writing on QuickSprout.

But there must be a method to your madness if you’re giving away content.

DemandGenReport says, “47% of buyers viewed three to five pieces of content before engaging with a sales rep.

The report also discovered that

51% of B2B buyers rely more on content to research and make B2B purchasing decisions than they did a year ago.

Getting free content is another animal.

If you think you can beat the odds and get quality content for nothing, here are some ideas.

Aggregate RSS Feeds

RSS feed data is provided to users using software called a news aggregator. The aggregator may be built into a website or installed on a desktop computer or mobile device. The user then subscribes to feeds by entering the feed’s URL or by clicking the browser’s feed icon.

How Aggregators Work

RSS works by having the site’s web manager maintain a list of notifications on his website in a standardized way. With the special programs already discussed, aggregators automatically access the RSS feeds you care about and organize the results. Producing an RSS feed is simple and hundreds of websites offer the feature.

Content Farms

Also known as article farms, content farms are low-quality websites producing a large amount of low-quality articles on a variety of topics. The articles use keywords in an attempt to place on Google.

Here’s how they work:

Hire a Writer

Hire someone, or several someones, to write the content for you. If you want to push content through your site which is being used elsewhere, the end result will be less than satisfying and could get your site kicked from Google for “duplicate content.”

Nothing beats original content written for your market. If you want quality content, then you will hve to pay for it. There is no writer who can provide you with quality content for free.

Your best bet is to hire someone to find the best types of industry magazines and sites which reach your target market. It’s simple.

Find out where your target market hangs out online and learn the types of magazines/content they read.

Then create a PR list and reach out to the editors of those magazines with story pitches.

How to Get Free Content

Before exploring some options, think about the needs of your target market. Providing content your customers want and need will help build return traffic.

It is important to make sure the traffic you get is the right kind of traffic. Content which attracts your target market, delivers prime information about your business and the product or service you provide, gives the best chance of converting prospects into loyal customers.


Hold content based contests. As part of the process to participate, entrants must submit photos/videos or text. It is free content which you can use, post to YouTube or share with your site’s visitors.


Another way to create content for your site is to interview influencers or ‘rising stars,’ those up and coming in your industry or niche. The interviews can be used and displayed on your site.

Search Out Writers

Visit freelance websites and search for writers who are looking for experience and would be willing to write for exposure to enhance their portfolio.

The best situation is to find someone who writes for fun but also happens to be an expert in your niche. These types of writers can be found on websites which are not professional looking, but that’s ok. They are not trying to run a business, but just help others while enjoying their hobby.

Repurpose Content

Once some content has been developed for your side, continue to develop new free content by repurposing the content you already have. Develop new, free content and place it in different groups to reach new audiences.

The Takeaway

Free content allows owners to position themselves as the expert, give prospects a reason to visit their website, and gives customers a reason to return.

One caution with ‘free’ content: Think of the old adage, it’s often worth what you paid.