Before we even begin to understand how social media in general help in generating leads, let’s understand what leads are.

In simple language, leads are potential customers who have shown interest in your products or brand and provided you with contact information.

You can use this information to engage with the customers using structured marketing program.

I’m pretty sure you have wondered ” How To Get Leads Through Social Media ” but before we get into how let’s see why

Why Is It Important to Generate Leads Using Social Media?

Following were the results of a survey by a leading firm based on customer reactions:

90% customers who were reached out to through cold calls didn’t even respond.

76% customers were ready to be in touch and have a conversation on social media.

As a sales person in an organization if you are not providing your company with a constant flow of potential customers or not generating enough leads you are doing a disservice to your organization.

Your capability of generating leads is the basic metric on which your company judges your value as a sales person.

Traditionally when marketers used to think of social media, they associated it with brand building but sales was never associated with it.

However, time has changed the way they think. Social media offers marketers with much more than just brand building.

It is the single most cost effective way to engage with your potential clients, generate leads and make them your customers.

Companies which have employed lead generation over social media have achieved the best results throughout the funnel.

According to a study conducted by LinkedIn on B2B buyers, if you have a connection with a certain brand you have 60% more chances of paying a premium and buying products from that brand.

A recent study has revealed that social media ‘leads to close’ chances are higher by 100 percent when compared to outbound marketing.

The twitter study accounts for 82 percent of all social leads while 40 percent of marketers believe that Facebook is a crucial part of business marketing.


Leads generation
Social media leads generation cycle

The picture clearly shows us how creating interest leads to customer engaging into a conversation through social media and how a qualifying customer becomes a customer.

In other words, while we are in a sales cycle and want to generate leads we need to go where people are, and currently, the entire world is on social media.

Small businesses which cannot afford the time and money like the big ones find overwhelming leads through the use of social media.

There is a basic strategy which every company that uses social media follows, so stop putting your head in the sand and look for leads.

Let’s understand how these companies follow a certain strategy, from understanding their customers to generating leads on any social media platform.

Generating leads
Social media platforms

Know Your Audience

Isn’t it obvious why most people join social media? This is the place where they socialize.

They sure don’t want you to intrude in their personal space and bombard them with your advertisements.

Social media accounts are like mailing lists, be human and try answering all the customer queries.

This is the first place of contact, and if you rush with your contacts here, they will never get in touch with you again.

Deal with your customers in a personalized and careful manner.

Understand Expectations

As a sales person you have all the information of your prospective clients, but they have none of your company’s information. Never expect them to come to you, instead, you should be reaching out to them.

So how do you reach out to them?

We can reach out to them through informative and compelling content. It is very important to be reliable and dependable with our content.

If we do all of this correctly, the prospective customer will themselves find us.

Be The Go-To Man

Addressing all the customer issues on social media in a timely manner is very important. Customers easily dismiss brands or companies which they do not have trust on.

Strengthen your relationship with your customers by always welcoming feedback or any other customer ramblings and comments.

Measure It Right

After having all your social media strategies in place we need to know where all the customer engagement is coming from.

Tools like google analytics can help you measure all the customer engagement on different networks.

After having all the data from different tools we as a company can place strategies and emphasis on social media networks which have the least reach.

Generating leads on social media is no easy task. The points above show the basic approach every company using social media has to generate leads.

But the strategy for each network is different. Let’s understand them by knowing how few of the top networks help in generating leads.


There are over 467 million active LinkedIn users, where the average user spends around 17 minutes monthly. With stats like these LinkedIn becomes a very important social media network to generate leads.


Wouldn’t we want someone with an unprofessional selfie without any work description sending us an invitation on a professional networking site, do we?

Customize your LinkedIn profile, make it look attractive by filling all the relevant information about yourself and upload a high-quality picture with an intriguing biography.

This will make people want to know about you, talk to you and have a professional relationship with you.

Create your own group

Creating your own LinkedIn group shows that you have a lot of authority within your niche.Having your own group also help in generating leads.

After creating your own group start adding content before you add new members. Write content on trending topics within your niche.


Once you have appropriate content in the group you created its time that you start targeting your potential customers.

Using LinkedIn’s built-in search feature create a group of 1000 potential customers.

It is imperative that you target people in authoritative positions, for example, CEO, CFO, President, Vice President, Directors, and Managers.

Start Connecting

In terms of time consumption, this is by far the slowest process. Connecting and engaging with a potential customer list of over a 1000 people does not happen in a jiffy.

Send them customized messages based on his/her position and specialization.

Based on the replies you can start engaging with them and forming a business relationship. Educate them about your product and generate leads.

Close the deal

After building rapport with your potential customer for a couple of months, you need to step up the pace. Become an influencer by blogging and publishing relevant content regularly.

Offer value to each of the customer, make sure you are available when they reach out to you.

The eventual turn out would be a measure of how successful you were at engaging with each of your leads.

“Train your prospects to pay attention and to open and read emails that you send. Don’t encourage them to ignore or delete your messages because they are of inconsistent or no value to them.” – Bridget Gleason

Social media
Lead generation through LinkedIn


There are over 2 billion active Facebook users, 1.9 billion on mobile alone. An average Facebook user spends 20 minutes monthly. It is the biggest social networking website in the world in terms of user base.


Building your very own company page on Facebook helps you in engaging with your potential customers.

Just like any other networking website it very important that we have our content ready before we even think of pushing it.

Have all the Facebook specific content ready, be it a post, or links to a certain blog post, relevant information should always be ready before creating your company website.

Fill in all the relevant information on your company and create a compelling page. Your Facebook page should look no less than a website.

Facebook gives you access to call-to-action button on the page itself so place the button carefully.


Facebook is the best place to engage with a larger audience. These are your fans or people who like the page you have created.

Keep engaging with your fans on a daily basis by answering to all their queries on a timely basis.

Customers who engage the most, more or less end up being a generated lead.


Facebook is a great page to link back to your website or blogs, however, you cannot use this technique for all your Facebook posts.

People use Facebook to socialize they should not feel spammed with your posts. Make sure you customize posts differently each time.

Having a link to your website or blog for all your Facebook post will be an overkill so make sure you don’t overdo it.


In my opinion, Facebook is the best place to advertise considering the kind of audience you can reach.

It has options to reach people with specific tastes, culture, and needs across the globe.

It makes for a great lead generating tool, you can identify places throughout the world who might need services specific to your trade and target them accordingly.

Reach out to people who really want to see your posts instead of hoping they see it. Facebook has been most effective when it comes to lead generation for franchises.


Video content is incredibly popular these days since it adds visual interest and also has an efficient messaging format.

Facebook’s live video is also shareable which makes it very easy to publicize to your potential clients.

You can run a promotion, you can add a call to action button, and you can pick up contact information through Facebook live.

Here is a little sneak peak into how Facebook live works.

“Your future prospects resemble your best customers, and that’s the place you should start.” – Holger Schulze

Social media
Facebook lead generation for franchise
Social media
Twitter stats for lead generation
Lead generation
Google plus stats

This is How To Get Leads Through Social Media via Facebook


There are over 328 million active twitter users. There are over 500 million tweets sent per day. 80% of Twitter users are on mobile phones.

Allocate time

Unlike any other networking website, twitter needs a lot of time to be spent on it to generate leads.

It is a very slow process so it is very important that we spend time every day.

Generating leads through twitter is relatively new so most people do not prefer using twitter.

Understand Tweets

Everyone who knows or uses twitter would understand what tweets are.

However, we should never mix tweets which are used for communication with lead generating tweets.

Lead generating tweets are very specific and they do not use a lot of hash tags.


Although we cannot write big tweets considering the maximum characters that are allowed on twitter (140). We can promote our website and the blog through links on the tweet.

Most people do not prefer paid tweets on twitter.


Create a group of your targeted audience and host an event for them. This event will add to the value of your company.

This, in turn, will help people find you and know more about your company, which will eventually become a lead for you.

“The brutal fact is the number one reason for failure in sales is an empty pipe, and, the root cause of an empty pipeline is the failure to prospect.” – Jeb Blount


This is How To Get Leads Through Social Media via Twitter

We can check all the statistics for lead generation using twitter in this link.

Social media
Twitter stats for lead generation


There are over 700 million active Instagram users in the world. Instagram was bought by Facebook for 1 billion in 2012. There are over 92 million pictures shared on Instagram every day.

Instagram is relatively unexplored when it comes to lead generation, Very few brands use Instagram for lead generation.

Like any other network, we need to define our marketing objective, which is a lead generation in this case, before we create an ad campaign.

Once your objective is set you can select and target the audience you want to reach out to.

Instagram has an added advantage where in you can select automatic placement which helps you show your ad on Facebook also.

Short videos and post are different forms in which you can create an ad on Instagram.

Engage with all the filtered customers and create your own lead base.

This is How To Get Leads Through Social Media via Instagram

“We do a lot of one night stands in lead generation and not enough in long term relationships.” – Michael King


Lead generation
Amazing Instagram stats

Google +

There are over 2.2 billion active google plus users throughout the world. An average google plus user spends around 14 minutes on it.

While using google plus you need to understand what kind of people would benefit from the products and services you as a company offer.

Log into your google plus account. In the search option type, the kind of professionals you are looking for.

In the advanced search options select “people and pages”. This would help you filter out only people who would want to use your products and services.

Add these people to your circles. Spend some time on each profile and share relevant content with them.

This way you can form a healthy business relationship with them and they might become your lead.

This is How To Get Leads Through Social Media via Google +

“To build a long-term, successful enterprise, when you don’t close a sale, open a relationship.” – Patricia Fripp


Lead generation
Google plus stats

There are other big players in social media marketing like Snapchat, Reddit, Tumblr, YouTube, and Pinterest.


Social media networks act as a direct communication channel for getting in contact with potential customers. This gets the leads generation rolling.

For any company, the social media marketing needs to be firmly anchored to its strategy.

All the social media channels must be professionally managed, regularly analyzed, and selected carefully.

Ultimately the success of any organization depends on the right social media strategies and focus on high-value content.

Eventually, the number of leads who get converted into customers will define the success of the company.