Because getting a prospect on the phone is half the battle.

I need more meetings with qualified prospects!

—says every sales rep ever.

Meetings with qualified prospects are really the only, true potential in any pipeline.

“But what about a free trial subscriber?!” says the businessperson with no sales experience.

Sorry, trial subscribers are just more email addresses. You’ve still got to qualify those subscribers.

“But what about this person that downloaded 10 pieces of content?!” says the falsely-enthusiastic marketer.

Nope—just more email addresses that must be qualified.

Every email address you get should come attached to a goal: book a call. Note: in this article, calls and meetings are the same thing.

Let the next sentence shift your mindset if you’re an entrepreneur, salesperson, or marketer.

To land more prospect meetings, create meetings your prospects want.

Focus on developing a meeting “ask” that teaches the prospect something that will help them either 1. be better at their job or 2. have a better life.

Why you need to do this—like yesterday

My outbound emails with meeting “asks” that provide immense value to prospects have:

  • Doubled the revenue of an industrial cleaning company (that wasn’t small to begin with)
  • Put $300k into a SaaS company’s pipeline in 2 days—with a single email send
  • 10X’d the number of prospect meetings a SaaS company held per month
  • Narrowed many business’ sales cycles down to 1. email 2. meeting 3. close.

How to create a valuable meeting

You know that the meeting can’t be about your product or service, so what does that leave you with?

The entire world. Literally, anything else in the entire world.

But, a good starting point is —

What will make my prospect’s life better? What will make my prospect better at their job?

You need to map out what your prospects care about or want, and then connect those “cares” or “wants” to tangible benefits.

Create a map for each type of prospect (persona) you have. If a CEO is a persona you sell to, then you might map the following “wants” for your CEO persona.

The CEO wants to:

  • help the company make more money
  • sell the company or IPO
  • spend more time with family
  • improve relationships with the other executives
  • get more sleep

Apply content marketing tactics to your meetings

You know how people love reading blog posts with titles like:

How to 10X this, and 100% increase that, and 5 ways to XYZ

People love those titles because those titles are tiny promises. If I’m going to read a listicle, it’s because I know I’m going to learn those 5 ways to XYZ before the article is over.

You can apply these same tactics — tiny promises — to your meetings. Turning them into tangible benefits for your prospects. Let them know they’ll walk away with something learned before the meeting is over.

Find something to promise that harnesses your knowledge—knowledge that can be directed back to your product or service eventually. This knowledge must be transferred to a tangible asset that the prospect can put to use.

Let’s walk through an example.

Our product: growth consulting services for small startups

Our prospect: the CEO of a small startup (10-50 employees)

Something specific the CEO cares about that we can teach the prospect with our knowledge: how to 10X the number of leads they get per month

A tangible asset that the CEO can walk away with: a physical playbook outlining the actions they’ll take to achieve that 10X

New meeting ask: We’ll teach you to 10X the number of leads you get per month and build a playbook for you and your team to follow to execute those ideas—all during a 15-minute call.

How to conduct this new type of meeting

The meeting must be quick so as not to keep your sales staff bogged down with terribly long meetings that don’t always convert.

You need to design your tangible asset in a way that walks prospects (and sales reps) through the meeting quickly.

For example, with our playbook above — it could be a list of actions in a well-designed printout, workbook-style. This way, the CEO can fill in blanks as they walk through their conversation with your sales rep.

Get more meetings.

Turn your meetings into a benefit and you’ll land tons more of em. Landing and keeping customers is about providing them more value than your competitors can — so start on the right foot. Turn meetings into profit for your prospects.