As a newcomer in the field of mobile applications, you must have certain logistics and vision to bind your journey into a successful one. Android undoubtedly has turned out to be biggest app developing operating system in recent market. iOS on the other hand has its own popularity. The choice of Android as a career and getting started with it is a big asks for any beginner. Some steps that one should follow to last for a long time in this market are mentioned in the below section.

Internet provides various software that allows you to create small, effective app that can make you more familiar with the functionality and usage of tools. Android apps development is perfect platform for any young fresher to start the career in IT field. It gives enhance ways to learn as well as explore more in the field of mobile application. To enhance understanding of Android app development, starting from a company that will give you experience as well as exposure of working on live projects will be useful to you.

JAVA-The Frontline Requirement

Android apps are developed using JAVA SDK which is universal language with vast fields of manifestation. Android developer’s guide provides resources to learn and get accustomed to JAVA principles and their implementation ways in Android. So this universally accepted language has to be thorough with the logic to enhance your app making skills. JAVA guidelines and tutorials related to Android has to used as a part of initial preparation of Android app. Get the eclipse installed and try playing with the command lines in it to make small apps with graphics.

Replicating App Behavior

The best way to learn building a new app is by making slight modification in them. So the functionality can differ in modest possible way and alternation in using the tools can make the app more effective. Also creating user interfaces for different apps can make the concept of compiling the same app for different devices more clearly. Also as many apps are present in the market having the same functions, all of them have different masses of public that are comfortable with one or other format of the app.

Testing Your Build

Before launching the app on app store, it is necessary to test the app. To perform this, suitable test-bed is required. After the app giving proper results on test-bed, it can go live on App store. Google has wide number of apps and each of them has its own utility. Updates and upgrades of the app are also needed to be tested first and then need to be live on the store. Once tested the app can give 100% result on the Google app store with significant public using your app.

Promoting On Distinct Platform

Once the app is ready the post-procedure of the app includes marketing online as well as offline. The app can be of any domain like games, educational, instant messaging but it needs satisfactory promotional activities. This can be a boost for your starting app and give multiplicative results in terms of monetary benefits. Setting your first app free on app store is more advisable than charging for it.

So starting Android application development requires sublime efforts and focus to give best quality apps in the market. The results and ratings on the app store should be high even if the app embarks minimum amount of features. One must put in minimum amount of features to reduce the complexity of the app and keeping the end user in mind, design the functionality of the Android application accordingly.