3 Marketing Research Trends To Use in 2019

With 2018 having just passed and now entering a new year means rethinking your marketing strategies based off of last years trends. It can be beneficial for you and your company to reevaluate some of the things you did well and poorly in order to give yourself an advantage over competitors. We found the trends in market research that will help you the most in 2019. These trends will enhance your clients experience making you more money in the end.

Real & Easy To Find Content

Being transparent is the way to consumer engagement. When people feel that you are being genuine it provokes conversation and deep reflection. You also want to make sure that your content is searchable by using keywords used in everyday speech. SEO is becoming more dependent on voice search and visual search to decipher through information.

Voice search makes it easy for customers to tell their device what they are looking for and then get the search results that match, in most cases, exactly what they said. People not only love voice search for its convenience, but also for its ability to reduce the amount of time they look at screens. With most jobs being at a desk in front of a computer, you’ll want to make sure you’re utilizing voice search.

Ultimately your goal is to make sure your content is not only easy to find but worth sharing and engaging with. Content takes all forms from videos on social media to articles on an outlet. Anyone of these leaves potential for two-way communication that is pertinent for gaining trust and acknowledging that your customers’ business is appreciated.

Storytelling That Engages Your Audience

The best way to engage consumers is to give them a way to interact with your brand through AR and VR. Virtual reality allows users to enter a 360° environment and becoming increasingly affordable for companies to purchase. Most consumers no longer want to only be told what a story is about, but want to be in the middle of it and interact with it. Using AR can be a great way to recreate virtual product tours to add to the VR experience in 2019.

However, if you find that AR and VR aren’t in your budget there is still hope. Story brand helps companies create engagement through the use of words using different structures. You will want to tell what the problem is, create urgency by letting them know they have the problem and how to solve the problem by using your products. Great copy still goes far with consumers even if it can only play out in their minds.

Utilize AI

Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly and making data analysis even more efficient. It targets potential leads faster and can accomplish tasks that people struggle with. You can find different variations of AI throughout your daily life like when you get Netflix suggestions. This can be useful for your business because it utilizes algorithms to promote your brand to the public.

AI has the ability to monitor what consumers are doing online helping you to get a better understanding of their behavior in real time. If you have concerns on how ethical this practice is, then pay attention to your consumers’ reaction and whether or not your competitors are using it too.

These trends research is what’s going to drive your business in the long term for 2019. Remember it is all about consumer engagement and utilizing your resources to think outside of the box. Marketing is a complex tool that uses a variety of methods, technologies, and patterns that need to be taken advantage of. Marketing doesn’t have to be a nightmare and using these tools will help get you on the right track and help you keep up or surpass competitors.