We talk all about having a fit body and the importance of losing weight, but what about the importance of having a fit mind? You should have the type of mind that processes data quickly and effectively. You should be able to understand graphs and speak fluently. You should want to be creative and know how to put something that’s in your head down on paper. Just because you can’t do that right now, doesn’t mean you’re dumb in any way. It means that you might need to work out your mind a little bit more. Doing mind exercises every day can improve how you focus, your reading speed, and your ability to process complex theories. So, where do you start?

  1. Read as Much as You Can

The first thing that you should do is read more. Reading exercises multiple parts of the brain. It makes your process scenery and character traits. It works your senses and your memory. It was shown in a study that reading about an apple described in detail, flared up the same areas in your brain as eating an apple. When you read, your brain exercises. Try and chose books that make you think. That doesn’t mean that you can’t read a genre that you love now and again, but make sure that step out of the box and that you read things that put you out of your comfort zone. Read something like Astrophysics for People in a Hurry or Beowulf. Expand your ability to think and grow, and by doing that, you’ll find that you’re becoming smarter. It’s also been shown that people who read more, write better. So, if you want to learn to write, start by reading.

  1. Eat Foods that Promote a Healthy Mind

A secret of improving your mind is that you have to improve your diet. If you thought that your diet has no effect on your brain, then you were wrong. The nutrients from the food you eat aids in the making the brain more efficient. Eating blueberries has been shown to improve memory, certain teas are prone to reducing stress, and junk food has been shown to make people less likely to engage in difficult tasks. If the only reason that you eat poorly is that you don’t have time to make food, then look into healthy food delivery services like keto food delivery or anything else that fits your lifestyle. Just make sure that you’re cutting out the junk food and replacing it with plentiful fruits and vegetables.

  1. Think More and Game Less

Certain video games are good for your mind while others are just awful for it. If you sit down and play a video game that is full of blood and killing, it actually has a negative effect on your brain. It’s been shown that violent video games link to violent tendencies. That’s because as your mind sees aggression and reacts in video games through violence, it begins to think that aggression and violence are okay in the real world. Kids should avoid playing violent video games in order to make them less likely to engage in violent actions. Other video games that promote active thinking and puzzle solving are perfect to exercise the mind. There are phone games like Sudoku, Professor Layton and the Curious Village, and so many more that revolve around solving puzzles. Solving puzzles in a game make it so that you’re more likely to solve puzzles in the real world.

  1. Keep a Journal

If you don’t have a journal already, you might want to consider getting one. Having a journal helps the mind to process emotions and work through difficult events. By writing every day, you also improve your writing and learn to communicate better. It increases your ability to focus and remember events and helps you to become more creative.

Changing the way that you think is a process just  like losing weight is a process. But by working on it every day, you’ll be able to see amazing changes in the way that you think and in the way that you process information.