All businesses are constantly looking for new and innovative ways in which they can improve the morale and productivity of their staff, without compromising their bottom line. Luckily, the advent of the information age has brought about changes in technology that improve everything about the traditional ways of doing work as we knew them. Technology such as CRM has become mainstream, which makes it very easy for businesses to leverage their operations, workflow and productivity. If you are looking for ways to use technology for more productivity, here are some pointers that always work.


Improved transparency

Communication is vital to the success of any organization. Most brands understand that to survive the tough environment, they need to have timely, clear and concise communication with each other. Traditionally, this meant meetings, briefings and brainstorming sessions. With new and innovative technologies, you do not have to fly entire teams halfway across the globe so they can share ideas with each other about particular topics because this is a function that can be achieved using a virtual whiteboard. The software supports creativity, sharing and collaboration and makes real time cooperation between members of different teams really simple and efficient.

Improved data analysis speeds

The great way that workflow can be improved is by investing in faster and more efficient ways to process data. Companies are finding it increasingly necessary to use technology to their advantage when it comes to data analysis, reporting and recording. Artificial intelligence has made tasks that were previously carried out by humans possible to be carried out by computer software with minimum human supervision. AI is employed in operations such as:

  • Data entry
  • Accounting
  • Data analysis and pattern prediction
  • Sales management

There are countless benefits that companies are reaping from the use of AI. For instance, because the systems are almost always automated, the time that used to be dedicated to these tasks is not redirected to other activities, which boosts productivity. Then, there is the fact that AI systems are more accurate than the traditional data analysis tools. This means that mistakes that were common in the traditional cycle of data collection analysis and presentation are now less common. Then, of course, there is the fact that AI systems make it much simpler for feedback to be given after the entire data analysis process has been carried out. Nowadays AI has advanced so much that it has led to data democratization. The programming language used takes into consideration that data analysis is not a one fits all process and, therefore, employs methods which are very specific and unique to every data type that is available for analysis.

Of course with time, artificial intelligence has given way to machine learning or what is referred to as ML. This is a little bit more advanced and instead of a premeditated set of programs being used to predict how a certain system will behave, ML makes it possible for an installed system at a workplace to learn the patterns and in future, make educated choices about different scenarios. Machine learning, therefore, makes CRM, ERM and all other business operations easier to manage remotely than how things were previously handled.

Lean production

Every business manager is always looking for ways and means in which they can cut production costs and make the best of their marketing campaigns budgets, supply chain management, brand image and management and other business functions. Some of the ways in which companies are achieving lean production include:

  • Outsourcing the services that do not need to be done on site
  • Using technology to cut down inventory costs
  • Boosting the morale of current employees for better productivity.

These are just a few ways that companies can improve their workflow. The important thing in the entire process is creating a situation where the production is boosted but the cost of production remains the same, which can be achieved when the right techniques are employed.