Every businessman knows that the customers are the blood of the company. They are who runs the shots behind the scene and your goal as a businessman is to impress them. If you can impress them, you will gain customers who are loyal to your brand. In turn, those loyal customers will help to bring in their friends and their families every time that they use your products and services. That’s why the customer is the blood of the company. You need to impress them. In order to “impress” the customer, you need to first make an impression on them. There are the best ways to make a lasting impression and earn loyal customers.

1. Have Phenomenal Customer Service

Most of the time, customers rate stores by the quality of service that they’re given. If the customer walks into a store and is ignored by the employees, the customer is unlikely to return. Even worse, if the customer feels insulted by an employee, they won’t come back and they’ll tell their neighbors to stay away as well. However, if they come into your store and they are pleasantly greeted by employees who honestly want to help the customer and who do everything within their power to ensure that the customer is satisfied, they are very likely to come back.

The number one thing that customers remember about stores and businesses is their interaction with others. They won’t notice the quality of pen or the color of uniforms. But they will remember whether they felt like they connected with the people who worked there. That means that your number one priority is making a connection with the customers.

2. Keep Your Business Up-To-Date

No one likes to walk into a business and to feel like the business is old or rundown. Even if the business has been in the family for years, you should make an effort to keep the floors clean, the appliances new, and the facility spotless. You should invest in appliance insurance to make sure that if (and when) something does break down, you can have it fixed as quickly as possible. Customers do not like to see the “out of order” sign in a business that they’re visiting. To them, it weakens your reputation and your validity. Avoid that by making sure that any issues with technology or appliances are quickly and quietly taken care of.  

3. Enforce an Employee Dress Code

No, the customer is unlikely to notice or remember the exact color of a uniform. But, they will remember if the employees looked professional or not. This is an extremely important aspect of a business when it comes to impressing the customer. All customers want to feel like they are in the hands of professionals. They want to be satisfied and to know that you know what you’re doing. Your image as a company has a lot to do with this.

Your employees should be clean and well-presented. They should look professional and capable. Make sure that the hair of your employees is tidy and trimmed and that beards and facial hair are well-kept. They should look like businessmen no matter what business you work in. They should appear just as capable as a doctor even when your business is a car wash. If you do, your customers will be impressed with the professionalism of your team and their work ethics.


Impressing customers is something that you can easily do if you put effort into it. You should also make sure that your employees are well-mannered and easy to talk to and relate to. Take the time to train them and teach them how to interact professionally with customers. Have them act and dress like professionals at all times during the work hour. Also, keep your facility clean and well-kept. If you make sure to do these things, your customers will always walk away with a pleasant experience.