In business, your ability to convert customers by getting them to click through will affect your profits in every way. A higher CTR means more leads, subscribers, and customers. So make sure your funnel is set up the right way with powerful copy that converts. Here are five things to keep in mind whenever you create a new marketing campaign for content or advertising:

Get Attention

While most advertising platforms won’t let you change the font color of your text, you can make your content stand out in another way. Focus on one or two key benefits that your customer gets from your product. Make these front and center.

When people are browsing online, they will only give your content a moment to catch their eye. If what they see doesn’t invoke some kind of curiosity or need that they have, then you won’t generate the kind of clicks you need to make advertising profitable.

So get to the point and talk about specific benefits you have to offer. Then, tweak the headlines to make sure they display correctly on various channels and devices. Then, you will have a powerful marketing asset that brings more people in through the top end of your funnel.

Add Relevance and Depth

If you want to keep your prospects’ attention after getting them to visit your landing page, you still need a way to keep them there. It simply isn’t enough to ask for the sale right there.

Offer some deeper information that would be interesting for your customer to know. Stats, reviews, and additional articles are all powerful assets. For instance, the best HR apps all advertise the speed and ease of use of their platforms on their landing page. They make you seem like an authority in the space and set you apart from other companies.

Focus on Emotions

It is always more profitable to focus on boosting emotions in your customers instead of focusing on logic. Logic can provide them with a rationale behind their decision, but ultimately they won’t act unless they feel emotionally compelled to do so.

For instance, in home security, fear is a major emotion to understand. You might focus on the negative potential of getting broken into and the benefit of protecting themselves and their family from an event like that.

Likewise, the fitness industry can use positive emotions like pride to create an interesting vision in the prospect. If they are excited about your offer, then your clicks will go up every time.

Ask for Action

Too many businesses make the mistake of not asking for action early and often enough. If you don’t have email optins, clear buying buttons, and other assets that encourage your visitors to take action, then you are leaving money on the table. In addition, make sure each page only has one major action you want them to take, in order to avoid confusion.

Don’t Disappear

You might not convert your customers on their first visit to your site or during their first interaction with your ad. Don’t give up. Instead, use tracking pixels to offer more advertising to your prospects after they have hit your page. Eventually, you will build a pipeline that delivers quality leads to you, time and time again.

When it comes to business, there is no area more powerful than marketing. While sales and customer service are essential, it takes a powerful marketing system to get the right amount of attention on your brand. So make sure your content is increasing click throughs and getting you the results you need in your business by taking action on the tips above.