Ice resins are vital for DIY craftwork for a variety of reasons. Ice resin can be used to do amazing homemade crafts; this can make amazing DIY gifts for people you care for, especially your mother.  In this article, you will learn how you can use ice resins properly in order to make your art and craft work perfectly.

By following the given instructions, you will be able to make ice resins perfectly for making your homemade craft works:

How do you mix ice resin?

You must mix the two parts of the resin and the hardener properly to make ice resin. You should use two cups of equal measurements and fill them with both the resin and the hardener in equal proportions. Now take them in a beaker and mix them by using a stick. Gently fold your resin and the hardener in each other. After you have mixed them, you will be able to see little bubbles getting formed. The colour would soon be turning a little opaque. In about one minute or so, you will find the two ingredients blending into each other. Now must start stirring the mixture. Continue with the stirring for about two minutes. After this, you will have to keep this mixed resin away and let it rest for about 5 minutes. This will help to remove the tiny little bubbles inside the mix which were formed earlier. You must not rush this process.

How do you dry and cure your ice resin?

It will not matter much if you are going to pour by using small shallow bezels, or with deeper and larger bezel or if you use a big mould or even a little paper coating, the process of drying for ice resins is still going to remain the same. Generally, ice resin will take somewhere between 6 hours or ten hours for drying. When you have your workplace in a cool or a humid place, then it will take a bit longer like almost twelve to fifteen hours for drying completely. If you do not see the resin drying even after almost twenty-four hours, then it is safe to presume that your mixing was not done properly.

After the resin has dried, you will find it quite smooth when you touch it. It will be feeling like glass. It shall appear crystal clear. You will be able to work your bezels and your resin papers when they become dry enough for touching.

Cleaning your resin up

In the event that you have poured out a bit too much of ice resin and you see it dripping down your bezel’s sides, then you would be able to gently clean these sides up by using a tissue or baby wipes, etc. You must not ever use any water. The resin is primarily based on oil and as we all know water will not mix with oil. There are a few mineral oils in the baby wipes. This is the reason why they can work so well for cleaning the ice resin up. You should set it aside for drying. When you find the crevices being too tight, you can wad your baby wipes into a little tip and then work it inside the crevice. If you spill any ice resin, then you should clean it at least in 3 days after the spill. If ice resin gets cured, then it will stay as hard as a rock and will take a considerable amount of effort for removing the spills off by filing them.

The longevity of ice resins

Ice resins must be used at least within a maximum of 18 months or a minimum of one year from the time of your purchasing it. The bottles, if they are unopened, will be having a very long shelf life, perhaps almost indefinite. But if you were to open the bottles, then you must know that air would affect the resin with time. This will make the hardener become yellowish in colour. When you find out that your hardener is getting yellowed, you must not worry because it is likely to be still good. However, in order to be still safe, you should pour out some test bezels before you start your important and larger project.


Some precautions you need to take in order to ensure safety

It is vital that you ensure that there is a lot of ventilation where you work. Your workplace will have to have adequate ventilation. When you pour a lot of epoxy resins in one single go, like for instance ten or twenty bezels for supposing sealing a very big sculpture or a large painting, it is important that you should wear any form of mask to cover your face. You should also use some extra fans to get additional ventilation. It is absolutely vital that working artists look after their health and take adequate safety precautions. This is more important if they are required to use any medium which would involve chemicals. You should be taking some general safety precautions all the time if you work with cured resins like when you are sanding or even filing. You should be wearing a mask in order to ensure that you do not inhale any dust particles.

You can use ice resin  to create a variety of art and craft works. These can be wonderful as homemade presents and gifts which you can give to people on special occasions and festivals. They would need wonderful DIY or do it yourself gifts for Mother’s Day also. You can find amazing ice resin gift ideas on the internet.


Although ice resin is essential for doing beautiful craft works, you must be careful when you use them. The instructions which have been provided in this article will help you to remain vigilant when you use ice resins. Ice resins can make amazing artworks only when it is used properly. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.