A kennel is an essential part of the dog’s life in today’s world. Dogs, like people, need a place of their own where they ought to relax their limbs at night. Going for inappropriate ones, however, can be difficult for one has purchased a puppy for the first time. Among many dog enclosure afterpay products, kennel remains the first priority for the individual owners.

Dogs love cozy and secure homes just as humans. That is why the dog owners need to be extra careful while choosing a kennel that can make them feel relaxed and protected at the same time. For that, the size and style of it matter a lot.

This guide is meant for individuals to understand how to select a dog kennel for the first time.

Security of the kennel

The dog is undoubtedly intelligent animals that can even open the kennel doors if they are not locked appropriately. Door unlatching is never taught by the dog parents, which is surprisingly shocking for many people. The first thing, therefore, that should be checked include the locking system of the kennel.

The first thing to consider is that the locking system shouldn’t take too long to close the kennel door. In case of emergencies, easier and secure lock can help in protecting the dog and the ones living with it at home. No individual desire to waste much time in locking the door of the kennel.

Kennel size matters

Size matters a lot while choosing a home for the dog. If the dog doesn’t fit in properly, they might end up unlatching the door more than often. They might even not desire to go inside the kennel in the first place. Some owners end up getting a small sized kennel thinking their puppy is small enough.

However, when the puppies actually grow up, the kennel ends up becoming a small house for their wellbeing. Therefore, the experts suggest that individual pets should be given a house that is not too big or too small. The experts say that even if the puppy is small in size, the owners are supposed to take guidance on the appropriate size of a grown up in the same breed.

Fancier options within the kennel

Most of the kennels come with a simple design and a door lock system at affordable rates. Some individuals, however, opt for fancier options that can make the house look attractive. Some of the dog kennels look exactly like a bigger house with heightened rooftop and staircase. People also like to purchase the ones having extra accessories such as bowls and barrier for two dogs.

The durability of the kennel

Usually, the dog owners plan on getting an affordable kennel that can last for the lifetime, or at least a few years. There are certain breeds, however, that need stronger and bigger kennel since birth. If the dog kennel ends up being weaker, the individuals might face the difficulty of purchase a new one in a smart amount of time.

Types of kennel

Many types of kennels are available in the store today, including the normal ones with fences, wooden homes, expensive and fancy houses, and even portable ones, especially for the travellers. Some individuals also purchase waterproof kennels that can help them in having durable and protective homes for their dogs.


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