Every company has its fair share of parties during the year, from celebrating holidays to commemorating important events like the founding date or successful deals. However, employees find these events too obligatory and that makes them less prone to have fun and enjoy themselves. But, if planned right, an office party can be a truly great experience that will bring the coworkers together and create camaraderie.

So, if you have trouble to throw an amazing office party, here are some pointers that will do wonders and help you create a wonderful experience for all.

  • Find perfect timing

Timing is everything and this also applies to organize an office party. If you choose an inconvenient period like near the end of deadlines, you will probably only add to the tension. Instead, pick a date that after this frantic period which will be perfect for employees to unwind and relax.

Based on the activity log and previous experience, you will easily know which month will be the most demanding and so you can plan around this information. However, the day of the week is also an important factor and the middle of the week is not the wisest idea since the following day everyone will be burned out.

  • Choose an ideal location

Although the first thought would be to organize the party in the office premises, a change of scenery might be more welcoming. Find a venue that can accept the number of invitees and make sure there is enough room for all the activities you planned. Hosting a party at the restaurant would cover food and drinks, as well as staff and maybe even the music.

However, that doesn’t leave you enough freedom to create the party the way you want it to be. So, while organizing everything from top to bottom may be a lot, it will still help you create the ambience you want. Just start planning in time and find a venue right away, and everything will go more smoothly from there.

  • Pick a theme

Themed parties are a great way to narrow the choices you have for planning and organizing the event. Christmas party will give you direction about food, drinks and can be fun if you, for example, name the holiday-themed sweaters as a mandatory attire. A tropical party is all about cocktails, Hawaiian shirts and colorful decorations with the sound of samba and mambo.

Of course, not all parties will have to be so relaxed and once in a while, you will have to throw a formal party. However, it can still be comfortable and entertaining for attendees with a murder mystery like Hercule Poirot case, for instance. Also, choosing a certain decade for your party themes, like the 1920s or the ‘80s, can be amusing for the fashion and music of those time periods.

  • Make it fun

There are various things you can add to the party to make it unique and fun. For example, in Australia, a photo booth and DJ hire are extremely popular these days. The photo booth cost in Sydney is pretty affordable so many companies choose this kind of hosting for their office parties. This will cover a wide range of music as well as give a reason for employees to mingle and make cool photos.

The scavenger hunt is a perfect way to promote teamwork and get employees to meet, while many may enjoy a turn at the karaoke machine. Depending on how big is your office, you can also organize games, raffles and charades, all with prizes. Additionally, handing out gift bags is something everyone will love and you will easily earn points like that.

  • Decide on a great catering service

Catering is one of the most important elements of a successful office party. Just like food and beverages define cultures, so they will define your event and make it more enjoyable. Start by choosing the right caterer which you can do after reviewing their offer and recommendations.

Then, work with them on the menu and ask for their advice since they have experience with what guests like and what is appropriate for a certain type of party. Make sure that you take into account vegans and vegetarians, as well as people with special food preferences like gluten-free and substitutes for sugar. This is not so complicated and would truly make the party a full experience for everyone.


Throwing an amazing office party is not an easy task but with some good organization and planning – it will be a breeze. Just take into account the appropriate time and venue, and choose a theme to make it more fun. And don’t forget to have fun yourself after such dedicated and hard work into making it all possible.