More than the wedding itself, a bachelorette party is what girls are excited about and want to make most of the very last chance in life that they have, to go all out, enjoy, booze and shout from the rooftop, without being answerable to anyone. Of course, this once-in-a-lifetime event needs to be well managed to make it a memorable one for all who attend. Freaking out is the whole idea, but all that goes along with it needs to be finely orchestrated in order to refrain from any glitches that will leave behind bad memories for a lifetime.

The bachelorette party needs to be a neatly choreographed blending of some wholesome catch-up time along with some extravaganza, giving the idea of “what happens in the party stays at the party” kind of action. Let’s get into helping you get it just right:

Take on the Charge

First, zero in on a venue and then begin with listing out the off-limits and must-have items. A bride who has been a wildcat all her life, may not be interested in barhopping at her bachelorette party or maybe conservative type wishes to put on a tiara and a sash for the much-awaited party. The organizer may be tempted to take in suggestions, but one needs to be careful while planning in a group as most of the times reaching a consensus would be difficult, and the whole thing a total nightmare. If you’re not planning some really freaky events like group tattoos and skydiving, your master plan should go well with the rest of the attendees as you would be well aware of your group’s musings.

Budget with Intense Thought

You need to align your planning to a minimum possible budget. From here on, the simplest method to handle finance is to request each of the invitees to pay the organizer immediately for all bridesmaid stuff – meals, transportation, hotel, fun activities, decorations, etc. A major frustration of uneven distribution can be avoided this way, and Venmo algebra for sorting out Uber costs can also be kept at bay. Return all the residual monies post the event. Also be absolutely clear about the statistics of what is being covered by the expenses, to make it totally hassle-free.


Once the big stuff is out of the way, it’s time to fill in the awkward silences with some entertaining stuff. First roughly sketch the basics, like hotel and meals, and then add some site-specific events like mega concerts which can be attended with the group. Considering some of the below mentioned do-anywhere ideas that will leave everyone spellbound:

A Rejuvenating Spa

It is all about relaxing – apt for an overworked bride or for some recuperation related to a morning-after-a-night-out. Going for a full spa day can be wonderful, but you can also pamper yourself with an in-home provider. Mani-pedis can be scheduled while having brunch prior to a day on the beach, or some makeup and a blowout while you plan to paint the town red with a night out. If you have a tight budget, you can pick some masks and nail polish, and resort to a DIY spa night, just likes your teenage days.

A Parting Gift will be an Icing on the Cake

It would be a nice idea to distribute amazing gifts with some goodies. Adult footie pajamas would be fun to hand out or just a simple water bottle for the inevitable next day hangover. A custom labeled wine bottle would be just the thing that gals go after, and wish that they could attend more of these bachelorette parties.

Arrange Some Fun Games                                                

Weave in games at regular intervals so that the pace of the party doesn’t drop down. While you choose, keep some a bit bawdy, while some tame and sweet. Chat with the groom and chalk out some questions (What is the bride’s sex appeal? Who proposed first?), and then make the bride answer them, and check if they match-something to muse over during a low-key breakfast or during the awkward silences between events. Prepare a few cards with dares for the bride to be – right from singing an impromptu song to her partner, to hugging some weird stranger.  Pin the Mr. on the Man post a few cocktails will produce bouts of laughter.

Memorable Photo Ops

Nearly everything at a bachelorette party is a photo op. However, the event can be enlightened with a few witty decorations, props, gifts or another interactive phenomenon that are bound to bring in a mammoth treasure of Instagram ops. Begin with decorations, which will either serve as an inspiration to drunk hilarity or pose as wonderful backdrops for group clicks. Keep some matching costumes ready or dare the bride to dawn some cheesy apparels. Be sure to set a group photo share so that everyone enjoys the hilarity.