If you happen to watch LinkedIn as the only social media platform for recruiting or posting resumes or finding jobs, let me update you regarding the same.

Surveys, research, and various other reports have demonstrated that all of the social media platforms where people post, share and follow, LinkedIn turned out to be the most desirous site. As the name suggests, LinkedIn says Link in to boost your clientele and establish links.

When it comes to business, all you need is to create a niche, target the correct audience and then shoot your services to them. What usually goes unnoticed is the social media marketing.

More than people follow themselves, they follow the social media influence and social media network that has been created by you. Therefore, it is vital to generate leads. For the B2B companies, more than anything, the following elements need to be focused at-

  • Brand Recognition
  • Loyal Audience
  • Be in the Spotlight
  • Lead Generation
  • Achieving Market Targets
  • Increased Interaction

And many more….

And out of all these, what majorly drives B2B companies is lead generation. Having said that, LinkedIn and Lead Generation share a close bond. LinkedIn provides you a stage where you are the showman and the leads that get generated are your fruits.

Let’s dive in to know as how to make the best use of LinkedIn social media platform and swim in the pool of leads. Let’s just get going.

  • Professionally Yours

Making a profile that speaks volume for you is one way. But the one that resonates exactly to what your company’s vision would reap more benefits. Though staying professionally yours is the new trend to reach professional marketers, yet the role to sound business oriented stays on your shoulder. Stay centered, play with the profile and satisfy each and every item. You never know who could land on your LinkedIn page.

  • Humanized Effect

While the profile can be more professional, yet you can embed elements of humanization. The point is that, the content and information should not be dry, rather, be capable of pulling the audience attention and boosting them to learn more about you. That’s when you achieve the humanizing force. Be more human through the LinkedIn profile.

  • Infographics/Images

Do you remember your school times when your teacher asked you to read on a particular topic and come prepared the next day. You might agree with me on the fact that the images had more impact on your brains rather than the theory. Bang on… This implies for the images or infographics that you post on your page. Although the content does matter but the half battle is won when you post engaging and captivating images.

  • Join the Groups

The above might cover a modest component of getting leads, while this point will definitely create, if not massive but at least enough leads. On that point are several groups on LinkedIn that speak of the same jobs that you serve. It has visions and missions like yours. The trick is to differentiate and scrutinize them according to your goal and immediately join them. While some of the groups may be open to the public, there are certain groups that require the fellow approval. All you require is to frame sentences to win over the group admin.

  • Praise for the Raise

Your blog/vlog/content is out there and is getting the much-required attention. You might have shown yourself as a trade name and generating enough leads. But if you are getting a chance to swim in the ocean, then it’s worth trying. Generating enough leads and generating massive leads demands appraisal of the fellow readers and the audience who are already trusting you.  A simple thank you for their remark or an exciting acknowledgment would encourage them to partake in the appreciation thus generating Loyal Audience.

  • The Right Time

Unlike Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is accessed mostly during weekdays. That’s when you need to play. Make a roadmap and design out the weekday schedule. The minds are most active during the weekdays and you ought to utilize this timing. Your post will generate leads during the weekends while you relax.

  • Update and Use the Advanced Filters

When a particular social media networking platform offers services that open avenues for you, you should make use of them. Don’t let features like InMail and other LinkedIn premium features just go waste. And the LinkedIn Ads as well. They aren’t meant just to be placed there but are waiting for you to utilize the same and subsequently succeed. Get your LinkedIn premium account now.

  • Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing has been quite a rage. Getting acknowledged by the Influencers and thoughtful leaders on LinkedIn will drive leads at your page.  A word of wisdom, these influencers aren’t free. So if you have to buy time from them and have to spend a little extra, do it, because what’s crucial is the leads. And when you stamp your feet, build authenticity and do word of mouth marketing, those numbers wont hurt.

  • Build your own Group

You have connected the major groups, coordinated with the Influencers and other Thoughful Leaders but you missed on working on your grounds. We might look at the bigger details and ignore the smaller ones. However, these small details are the one to look at. Create your own LinkedIn Group to connect and build bonds. Of all the ships cruising the LinkedIn Market, your own boat will make your audience feel safe and secured with a sense of belongingness.

Final thoughts

LinkedIn is the most proficient social media website that leads to higher conversion rates. These rates depend on how and whom you aim. Make sure to get in touch and reconnect your LinkedIn page with other social media networks.

The trick is to give people what they require. And your play is to identify and then execute it. With these tips, you sure generate leads and soar heights.

Signing off… Hoping to watch your company flourishing and nourishing.


[Source: Tecocraft.com ]