Just like the desktop application, it is now possible to access this application using the web player option. This functions with many internet browsing programs like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, internet explorer, and many others. This player offers you access to all major features needed to enjoy Spotify, even when you have a free account. When you have it you can search for albums and songs, get new songs, see new features of Spotify, share and create playlists, and listen to Spotify radio.

How will you access this browser while embedded on the web on your phone?

It may not be obvious on the site at the beginning, but when you follow this article, you will learn how to access and use it and the main aspects to stream music to the phone without downloading the software.

Spotify is among the best entertainment apps that are innovative and pleasant for music. It has so many features. The staggering aspect of Spotify web player is its database because you can listen to any music you want on this app.

Nevertheless, Spotify is not available to everybody around the world. You can find it in Netherlands, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, and many other locations. This is not to say that you cannot use it when in other locations. This article will guide you on the way to use this player on your mobile device.

As stated earlier, the online version if this app is available in several countries, you will have to use clever techniques or tweak settings to get it operational on your device. For instance, if you reside in Nigeria and you want to download it, the search results will not be on the play store. The guide below will help you download and use it even when it is not in your location.

Download the TunnelBear VPN

The leading step of downloading Spotify on the phone is browsing privately or anonymously which could be possible with a VPN. TunnelBear is the unfastened VPN for both the phone and the PC. This application is available on the Google play store for download and installation.

It will request you to create generate an account so that you apply the VPN service. Therefore, fill out the information after which you can create the account. After doing that, log into the VPN account in TunnelBear and access the available options. It gives you five hundred megabytes of data for free and you may get additional one gigabyte of unfastened data for individual browsing with the assistance of sharing it through your Twitter account.

Now, choose the area as the US or UK and then turn on the VPN immediately it is connected completely, and then proceed to the next step.

Download and then set the Spotify web player

While surfing the internet from the UK area, without difficulty, you can find Spotify on the play store. Locate and install the entertainment apps on the device. Make sure that this TunnelBear VPN gets hooked up if not, you would not have the ability to locate the app on play store especially when it is not available from your location.

Create your account

Launch the Spotify web player immediately it gets installed on the phone. Create a free Spotify account with the help of the email address or you may log in via the Facebook account. After signing up for an account, it calls for two clicks to sign in. but again, you need to make sure that the TunnelBear is attached and your location has an IP address reading the UK. If not, your Spotify entertainment apps will display errors while signing up and you will not have the ability to sign up all over again.

Use Spotify

You unfastened account on Spotify is ready for use. You are connected to many songs over the internet. The radio is also available for the sake of exploring the most current songs. It also offers the feature to explore for getting the most recent albums and songs.

Come up with your list and upload many songs or the whole album to it. If you want to get superior functions; then you have to improve on to a top class account. However, the most crucial element is using the VPN if not, you get blocked immediately. That is how to utilize the Spotify web player on your mobile.