With over 160 million blogs on the internet today, the need for remarkable blog posts has never been more demanding. WHY?

Because every blogger want to stand out as the best, so, in order for you to achieve that, you need to create stunning blog content frequently.

Many bloggers have been able to achieve that by creating epic blog posts that stands out from the crowd on a consistent basis, there-by walking tall as experts and influencers in their respective fields.

The blog posts they create has helped them establish a consistent brand message across all channels.

Question is;

How can I write blog posts that’ll drive tons of traffic to your website?

In this post, you’re going to discover the best strategies that’ll help you to consistently create fascinating blog posts that will drive more traffic to your blog or website.

Write useful and informative content

The idea of writing useful blog post is to ensure you that you’re teaching and educating your audience, that’s the primary reason you setup a blog in the first place.

Your audience are always searching for answers or information to help solve their problems.

Give them the information they’re seeking – provide them with useful content as a solution that will add value to their lives, thereby solve their problems.

That’s why I will always love this quote:

“People don’t care about your business, they care about their problems. Be the solution that they’re looking for.” – Melonie Dodaro

Here’s what Darren Rowse, the brain behind Problogger said about writing useful blog post:

“Unless a blog post is useful on some level I don’t think it’s worth publishing.” -Darren Rowse

With that said, try to figure out how useful your content will be to your readership.  Thus, before creating content, take time to ponder over such questions as:

  • Will my post be useful to my readers?
  • Are my readers going to find this article valuable?
  • Will my post educate my readers?

These and many other questions are important in helping you write blog posts that are useful and drives tons of traffic.

Write in your unique voice

On WordPress alone, about 17 posts are published every second, 1020 are published every minute, and 1,468,800 posts are published each day, which makes it a lot easier for your content to disappear in the noise.

So, it is important that you write in a unique voice, as it will help you stand out from the crowd.

Many Bloggers have successfully maintain consistency across all channels with their respective unique voice or style of writing.

People like Virginia Bautista, Lisa Sicard, Ryan Biddulph, Ravi Chahar, Lorraine Reguly, Cori Ramos, Arfa Nazeer, Janice Wald, Jane Sheeba, Susan Velez, to mention a few.

These experts have successfully set themselves apart from the crowd by their unique way of writing – their unique voice.

How can I write in a unique voice

To write in your unique voice, simply learn from the examples of other bloggers and write what comes naturally to you.

Choose a niche topic you’re so fun of and have a passion for. This will help you bring out the juices in you.

But please, when choosing a topic you’re passionate about, try as well to keep a balance with choosing a profitable niche because you’re going to pay the bills.

Be practical

The concept of creating contents that are practical is to help your readers take action, or help them put to practice the information they’re getting from your blog.

Your blog post should be written in ways that your readers and prospective customers can easily apply it to themselves and get positive results.

In this way, your readers will identify you as an expert in your field. So, be sure to create quality and actionable content by being practical in your writing.

Here’s a tip to help you, study your readers and find out the issues they’re try to solve, then offer a solution(s) by creating content around the issues they have.

For example, earlier yesterday I read a post on Janice Wald’s website about “4 Reasons You Are in Danger of Losing Organic Search Traffic.”

I also read the comments and found that one commenter asked Janice if she could write an article on “how to recover your lost traffic.” See screenshot.

How to Write Stunning Blog Posts That’ll Drive Tons of Traffic to Your Website


This is a pain problem that must be addressed. So, writing in this way will get you more traction and social shares.

Create powerful headline

I’ve written well enough articles about writing catchy headlines for your blog posts.

This is essential because an irresistible headline is a surefire way to attract clicks to your post. It urges your readers and moves them to click and read your content.

A statistics by Copyblogger shows that on average, “80% of blog visitors will read your headline, but only 20% of those will read the rest of your post.”

In other words, it means that while everybody might see your headline, not all of them will actually click to read your post.

Further studies revealed that an irresistible headline can generate as much as 500℅ more page view.

With that said, spend reasonable time crafting the best headline that will attract readers to your blog.

Find here the best strategies to craft irresistible headlines every time.

You can as well use CoSchedule Headline Analyzer tool to help you craft catchy headlines.

Craft compelling intro

Just as a remarkable headline is a surefire way to get readers for your blog content, a compelling intro is equally important because it gives your readers heads-up to continue reading.

That is why I love this quote below:

The first sentence of your book is to convince readers that they have to read the second – Simonoff Xuan  

In other words, let the intro of your blog post convince readers that they have to read the whole content.

I am drawn to any story that makes me want to read from one sentence to the next. I have no other criterion. – Jhumpa Lahiri

This involves clear thinking on your part. 

For example, if your headline is a promise-driven or benefit-driven headline, let your intro follow in like manner.

In this way, your readers will want to digest the whole article to get the benefits, which will result in more engagement and massive traffic.

Write to a Particular audience

A remarkable blog content can get the highest traction when tailored to the needs of a particular audience.

For example, let’s assume you already know your target audience – their wants and needs, and as you create your blog post, you channel your content to the needs of this particular audience.

What will happen when you use the right keywords in your content?

You will be driving endless traffic to your website, because your content is tailored to a particular reader and addresses his needs.

So, before creating content, try to find out who your readers are, and pinpoint their needs and problems as well.

Wrapping Up

It is sometimes difficult to write a unique blog post that will stand out from the crowd.

But with practice and consistency, you can work your way up as an expert and create remarkable content on a regular basis.

However, how you will achieve this kind of success over time may be slightly different because every blogger has his own unique style of writing.

But if you correctly apply these basic blogging principles, you will be able to consistently create compelling blog posts that will drive massive traffic to your website. 


  1. Hi Moss, thank you so much for the mention here. I would say writing in your unique voice is the most important thing you can do to differentiate yourself from others.
    I try to keep it simple at my place so readers can clearly understand what I’m trying to say or teach.
    Have a wonderful day Moss!