If we talk about the most influential industries in finance, private equity will definitely make it to the top three. No wonder, everyone just wants a piece of it and never want to let it go and by everyone, I am talking about the professionals who are just too eager to get a job in PE.

This article highlights the growing demand for private equity jobs and the traits that one requires to actually make it to this field. But first, let us discuss what private equity firms do.

Going into the functionality of a PE firm

Private equity firms are basically the managers of investments coming from disparate individuals alongside institutional investors that are used to raise capital in the pursuance acquiring private companies. The most attractive things that make private equity firms enticing is the fact they deal with loads & loads of money.

PE firms are known for managing as much as $1 trillion of investment capital which they make good use of by constructing plans like leveraged buyouts, investing in private companies or obtaining a partial stake in public companies.

Private Equity jobs

Private equity jobs are on top of the priority list for many professionals, especially the ones who are inclined towards finance. And, there are a variety of reasons why. Some are pulled towards the lofty salaries, some even go into PE for the fancy lifestyle, while, many just love to be involved in intense financial affairs.

Though, it is not a piece of cake to earn a PE job, mostly due to the fact that top private equity firms look for the best talent that there is in the financial services domain. If they are hiring freshman, by any chance, they would always go the for people who are the toppers in their batch. Mainly because every facet in private equity is supercritical and can only be tackled by someone who is an expert of his/her area.

Another issue that makes private equity jobs such as tough nut to crack is that, unlike most investment banking companies, firms in PE hire a minimal number of people, therefore, you really have to be the best of the lot when trying to crack an interview.

And, it is would not be advisable to think that life is going to get any easier if you actually succeed in owning a job in a Private equity industry, primarily because the initial phase is never that glamorous. Fundamentally, there is a crystal clear structure for staff in PE that includes senior positions, such as individual fund manager, and moving down the corporate ladder, you will come across designations like a junior investment analyst which requires you to handle tedious tasks, for instance, writing reports, making a research on companies, and framing prospectuses.

Hence, one has to be enterprising and focused on acquiring a position in the Private Equity Industry. It is said that this field is for sharp, headstrong and laborious individuals.