An extremely novel way of utilizing email marketing for enticing more viewers and driving more sales is by incorporating Instagram posts into your business emails. Since October 2010, we have seen Instagram gain traction and there has been a huge boost in its overall user base. In the first couple of months after its release, Instagram bagged over 1 million users. A couple of years later Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion. At that point in time, nobody could understand the underlying logic of Facebook in spending such a huge amount in buying an insignificant company which is just a platform for sharing pictures. But Facebook had understood the true worth of Instagram even though others could not find a justification for buying a tiny and insignificant competitor for such a staggering amount. Well today, Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users globally.

Incorporating Instagram into Email Marketing

Before the advent of contextual email technology, infusing social media content seamlessly into any business email template would not be an easy affair. The quick tempo associated with the social media platforms would leave relatively slower email messages truly deficient and wanting in terms of content relevance. However, email marketers started the concept of cross-channel promotion and marketing with the popular social media icons for decreasing the volume of content upkeep. In the blink of an eye, these graphical and truly attractive social media icons were treated as the standard or yardstick for incorporating social media like Instagram into email marketing consistently.

Email technology has actually evolved dramatically over the years. Today, an email has the capacity to demonstrate up-to-the-minute Instagram posts easily with pictures. As the email starts opening for the recipients, Instagram information is immediately pulled effectively in real-time. Instagram could be a part of live content easily in an email and not just be a social media logo. We have found that social content across both these channels has been synchronized seamlessly.

Instagram & Email Smart Tips

Simply incorporating a live feed from Instagram into email templates is certainly not the only advantage of cross-platform marketing between these two digital marketing mediums. Here are some other smart tricks.

  • Use Instagram pictures for email creative.
  • Promote prompt email registrations and subscriptions on Instagram via giveaways and contests.
  • Utilize Instagram Hashtags for filtering pictures that are actually pulled into an email for a personalized display.
  • Come up with an Instagram hashtag which would be applied exclusively to email users, and promote advantages of signing up. Moreover, you could consider driving more sales by getting in touch with reliable digital companies to buy real Instagram likes.

Instagram & Email Marketing Are More Effective Together

Integrating seamlessly together these two digital marketing platforms would be boosting brand visibility online and email relevance right from the beginning. Thanks to the aesthetic appeal of Instagram, a refreshing graphical element to the already proven ROI of email.


Since active users from Instagram are engaging on the platform as many as eleven days per month, monthly or even weekly emails would be benefitting intensely from a definite boost in your usual email content interaction. An Instagram feed could be incorporated into an automated email campaign to prevent constant updates and saving some precious time and money for marketers.