Most companies today are looking into online strategies to grow their brand. Many of them do most or all of their business digitally. If you want to compete in the landscape of tomorrow, you need to follow the right plan. Otherwise, you could miss opportunities and watch as your market competitors pass you by. Here are three powerful areas to improve with your digital presence:

Safe and Secure

Customers today want security. They want it so much that they are willing to engage with, buy from, and share data with companies that protect their information. If your competitors are offering something of greater value in terms of a secure experience, then expect your numbers to start dipping. There are various security services or solutions you can consider.

Network Monitoring

Managed detection and response providers will tell you that you simply can’t stop a threat if you aren’t looking for it. Cyber hackers today have a lot of tools that are designed to bypass your security if you don’t know what to look for. Network monitoring tools can look for signals from devices that your servers don’t recognize to watch for attacks and respond in time before you lose valuable information about finances, customers, or product secrets.

Penetration Testing

Testing your security is the best way to find out what you are vulnerable to. Instead of waiting for hackers to get into your systems, hire someone who is doing it on your behalf. That way, instead of losing your business’ valuable data, you can protect it in new ways proactively.

Marketing Copy

If you can’t sell with your online copy, then you are going to have a hard time building the online aspect of your business. Use marketing best practices to grow your sales via persuasion in an ethical way. Here are the key tenets of copy that sells:


If you don’t get attention, it won’t matter how great of a product you have. You need to get in front of the customers you want to sell to. Do this with ads that contain major benefits in the headline. It should be so good that they can’t help but click onto your landing page. Speaking of which:


Getting them to your page is not enough. If you’re dreaming of the customer that magically buys your product after simply visiting your page and seeing ‘buy now’ then you are going to lose a lot of sales. Make sure to include relevant information about problems or solutions in your niche on your landing page. It shows that you are an expert and helps ease the customer along your funnel without losing interest.


If interest is the logical side of your copy, then desire is the emotional side. Here, you are not getting caught up in facts and figures. Instead, you are looking to embrace their emotional imagery of your product’s benefits. If you sell weight loss, for instance, help them see themselves after taking your product for three months or whatever example works for your business.

Great Design

Copy and security are essential. However, in today’s world they are not enough. Long gone are the days when you could throw up a page and be in business. People have come to expect a higher level of design from companies that they do business with online. Bring your best design chops or hire people who can. That way, you don’t lose customers for a foolish reason such as your site not displaying correctly on a mobile device.

If you want to get the most out of your business, you need a solid tactical plan and a strategy that takes the bigger picture into mind. The info above will help you navigate the waters of online business. That way you can serve more customers for the long term rather than lose out on potential revenue from your site, apps, and social media strategies.