One of the most infamous words in business is “cold calling.” Cold calling is usually about 2% effective–which means that out of every 100 people you talk to, 2 of them will buy your product. Cold calls are both ineffective and time-consuming. Usually, cold calls will make more people resent your business than make people interested in what you’re doing. Most businesses try to avoid cold calls when possible. And the good news is that it is possible to avoid cold calls and still increase your number of sales. To help you do this, here are five things that increase sales without ever dialing an unfamiliar phone number.

  1. Work with the Customers You Have Now

One of the best things that you can do for your business is to treat your customers like kings and queens. If your customers feel like they’re being treated well, you will gain their business again and again. If they continue to be satisfied, they will reach out to their friends and refer them to you.

You need to make sure that your business has perfected its customer service in order to use this strategy. Without good customer service and employees who know how to interact with customers, the customer won’t feel loyal enough to reach out to their neighbors to talk about your business. Ensure that your employees are trained to recognize body language and that they know how to communicate effectively with clients. There are programs that you can require them to take, or you can train them yourself.

This should also mean that the programs in the business are fast and reliable. No customer wants to wait weeks for a service to be delivered. Update the software that you have, get new  advanced fixed assets software, and train your employees to be efficient.  

  1. Offer Discounts in Exchange for Referrals

Another easy way to increase your sales is by offering discounts to customers who refer their neighbors to come in and see you. This strategy also relies on your current customers and is an easy way to both gain new customers, and to increase the retention of the ones that you have now. If your current customers get their friends to sign up, they will feel more loyal to you and want to defend the company to their friends. It’s a win-win situation.

  1. Look for Ways to Get Your Business Recognized

The next thing that you should do it to try to get your business recognized in the area it’s in. You can do this through public speaking engagements, service projects, and community outreach. The reason why public speaking is so effective is that you have a captive audience that fills the room. Because of that, it is a room full of potential buyers. You probably won’t walk out of the experience holding hands with your new customers. Instead, you will have established credibility with a range of people. Some of them might not become future customers, but there will be several who will.

Get your company involved in service projects and community outreach in the area as well. This not only helps people to recognize the name of your company, but it also helps them to see the company in a positive light. When they see your logo, they will connect it to the good that you do in the area. Get on social media as well and encourage the people that you meet with and talk with to connect with you on Linkedin, Instagram, and Facebook. This will help them feel a kinship to you and know that you’ve noticed them. People want to feel like they have personal connections to the business they work with.

To improve sales, you shouldn’t have to cold-call your clients. Find other, more effective ways to reach and connect with them. Provide them with meaningful opportunities to get to know you and learn more about the business. If you do, you’ll start to see the sales increases within the following months.