An infographic shows the working of a touchscreen. The beautiful graphic illustration also describes the types of touch screens currently used in most of the devices like smartphones, tablets, televisions, etc.


Touchscreen is a user input device implemented in various electronic devices ranging from smartphones, tablets, televisions, computers to digital control screens installed car dashboards. This type of input device requires physical contact between its touch sensitive part and the hand of the user, more precisely, the fingers. However, touchscreen even works if you try to use it with your foot or nose. They just require the contact of a human body part.

Touch screens are of two types:

Resistive – Touch is detected by pressure applied to the screen by a finger or stylus.

Capacitive – Touch is detected by the charge present in our finger. A special type of stylus is required for such screens.

Other types of touch screens also exist but the capacitive and resistive are the most popular type. Even the resistive type touch screens are becoming obsolete with time and they are inferior to the capacitive type.

Here’s an awesome infographic by How Stuff Works which will take you into the world touch screens: