So when you are in plan to rack up your online classifieds business with some classifieds script. Which will be one best reliable script for this idea? The answer for this must be nothing but the letgo clone.

But why? Find all your answers below.

Letgo App in the online classified business industry

Let us start with the Letgo App which was a classified business within a smartphone. Ya, you heard it. How does it sound? Letgo is the major organization made an impact in buying and selling stuff over a mobile phone.

Letgo is the third in the list of successful players after craigslist and eBay in online classifieds business industry. It provides space for sellers to list their products within a mobile app and find interested buyers.

It just takes ten seconds to post an ad in Letgo app. To create an ad all you need to do is upload an image of it. You are done, the AI and image recognition technology will set the title and category for your ad.

And unlike other leading classified platforms Letgo is only for products and not for services.

For a user, it will show products within his native location i.e., the fifty-mile radius of the user’s current location. And if the buyer has any queries, then he can sort it out with the seller in a matter of seconds through the instant chat window.

Then how does Letgo make money?

It doesn’t charge users for making listings. Ad posting is completely free. It doesn’t take any commission for sale too. Then how?

It only charges for ad promotions. When someone likes to promote his Ad then there is a feature in Letgo named Bump. With it, the user can pay and promote his listing to come on top over another listing. Letgo makes good revenue in this way.

The point here is “ Letgo is growing at a fast pace than Craigslist”. This business model is proving to be very effective in the classifieds business industry. And someday soon it will be on top.

If you can’t believe it? Look at Craigslist which was founded in 1994 and it operates on 70 different countries all over the world and gets only 55 million monthly users.

On the other hand, Letgo founded in 2015. In a short span of time, it has garnered good reach and now it is operating in 25 countries. It has got 20 million monthly users. This was a huge breakthrough for the proprietors of classified business.

So this is the reason for you should opt for the best Letgo clone in your plan of starting an online classifieds business. Letgo has the ability to compete with eBay and Craigslist to claim the top spot. Likewise, the business opportunities using letgo clone might also be very much possible to ensures good reach and success in a short span of time. Even your next venture might be the next Letgo.