There is a strong stigma surrounding car salesmen and the tactics which they use to implore potential customers to buy their vehicles. Everyone has a similar mental image of a fast-talking, sharp-dressed man trying to convince anyone and everyone that his used cars are the best in the world. Some people have great respect for these salesmen while others feel pressured and anxious when they are around. Either way, everyone must respect the dedication with which a car salesman approaches potential leads. They are confident, friendly and sometimes a little stubborn. To help clear the air of these stigmas, let’s take a look inside the mind of a car salesman.

The car salesman is only focused on one goal.

When dealing with a car salesman, it is important to remember that they are focused on one goal: selling a vehicle. Unlike many people who work with a fixed income, salesmen receive commission for each sale that is made. This means that their amount of effort will be directly reflected in the size of their check at the end of each payment period. Understanding this can help provide a look into the inner-workings of a car salesman’s mind. Anyone with a monetary need to sell something would become more animated and excited to help attract customers.

They are going to make things sound and look better than reality.

If a salesman was given an old pair of dirty shoes to sell, he or she wouldn’t focus on the negative aspects of the item. Even though these shortcomings may be obvious to the naked eye, a salesman would find something positive to say about the shoes. The same is true for selling a car. While new vehicles tend to sell fairly easily, used cars require a bit more convincing. There will inevitably be some negative aspects to the used car. It is important to realize that car salesmen will make things sound and look better than they are in reality. This doesn’t mean they are lying, it is simply their way of highlighting the positives to make a used car seem more appealing to potential buyers.

Car salesmen are often stressed and anxious.

Everyone has experienced the rush of anxiety when approached by a used car salesmen at a dealership. Browsers typically want to look alone rather than have someone approach them immediately. However, customers must understand that a car salesman is competing with other people at his or her branch in order to make more sales. It is a competitive market. Despite the cool, calm and collected facade that buyers may see on the outside, many car salesmen are stressed and anxious in their minds. The pressure of competing with other salesmen and performing well for their bosses is something that can create a lot of stress. Understanding this will perhaps make potential buyers a little more sympathetic to people who sell used car.

They are just as nervous as the buyers.

Some people have no issue talking to car salesmen, while others find it to be a very awkward experience. At the end of the day, it is important to realize that these salesmen have a plethora of knowledge and experience that can help people make informed decisions when purchasing a car. Furthermore, it will be helpful to realize that many salesmen are just as nervous as the potential buyers. Role playing can help reduce anxiety in a situation like this. Buyers can imagine being the salesmen for a few seconds and realize the nerves that come with approaching random people to help sell them a car.

Whether selling a new or used vehicle, car salesmen do not have an easy job. Their experience is valuable to customers who need to find a car that will meet their particular needs. Understanding the mind of a car salesman can help make these interactions more fruitful and enjoyable.