Are you currently trying to improve Instagram marketing to the next level possible? Do you want to check out the latest tools and tips from IG? Instagram is definitely the fastest growing platform, which is attracting businesses like never before. It is for those, who are actually eager to establish the presence and encourage engagement on a network. Some of the social media experts are down to help novices share their hottest IG tips, which will help you get more likes on the business account, and grow your business, in return.

Going for the shoot square:

It is the reality that your IG account is as good as your photos. So you have to post some of the high quality pictures, which will make IG marketing even more effective than before.

  • The best way to save time and composing better pictures on Instagram is by introducing shoot square pictures. Multiple smartphones and cameras have these features nowadays, making it easier to capture a picture.
  • This notion helps you to save time on cropping and invest in all essential elements in the photo, which you don’t have to crop out later. You can get multiple likes on your photo just like using Like4Like for a change.
  • Shooting photos inside IG app is limited. So, using this app might be the best way to take some of the fantastic pictures with the help of grid system to follow rule of thirds.

Customized link shortener for tracking traffic:

One major thing which marketers need to know is how well the IG account is driving traffic and then leading back to the said website. Google Analytics, unfortunately, is not able to track traffic accurately whenever users are trying to visit a website from mobile based IG account.

  • For monitoring the accurate form of click rates, you can use a customized link for URL in an Instagram bio.
  • After that, you can easily check data to document the number of clicks made by your IG account and the number sending to a website.
  • You might have to create a different form of link every time you are planning to change the link for a whole new landing page, default page or a campaign to track the successful traffic leads at a continuous rate.

Always be strategic with bio link:

For any of your personal use, Instagram is spontaneous and fun. But, when it is associated with marketing basic, then this tool needs to be used in a rather calculative manner. Businesses are generally killing it nowadays on IG.  For that, they plan to post in advance. For a smaller brand or a one man army, you can further get to develop a perfect presence on IG.

For that, you might have to use the link in bio for connecting to the landing page, designed to hold the same posts as on Instagram. It helps you to collect leads and even promote your present e-commerce site. This service helps you to gain subscribers to blog and further collect entries for the giveaway for sure.