For years, collaborative conference and classroom meetings were built around a mix of projectors and screens, whiteboards and flat panels. But today many businesses are adopting interactive e-boards, which can reduce complexity and add flexibility to business meetings and teaching sessions.

Samsung’s new E-Board series delivers everything needed for running effective meetings and teaching sessions off of a single interactive whiteboard display — whether that’s drawing up ideas on a factory-installed touchscreen or plugging in presentations from laptops, tablets or thumb drives.

Available in sizes ranging from 65-inch to 85-inch, the Samsung e-boards ship with embedded System-on-Chip (SoC) media players, enabling users to run interactive whiteboarding sessions off the smart display. For more advanced whiteboarding needs, a version of the e-board ships with a more powerful external player capable of running Microsoft Windows interactive applications. Samsung makes a pair of whiteboarding software applications available for E-Boards: MagicIWB-S, which comes loaded on the embedded player; and MagicIWB-I, which is intended for the external player.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Samsung’s e-boards can help you meet all your organization’s presentation needs with ease and flexibility.