Are you wondering how the Internet of Things is being used in commercial and industrial organizations today? Go beyond connected devices, and use the power of intelligent processing to make sense of aggregated data in the cloud—from hundreds, thousands, or even millions of devices. See how predictive analytics based on trends, information, and intelligent processing of data can make a meaningful business impact.

In this in-depth course, learn to use your existing developer skills to solve business problems in new and exciting ways, using free versions of Visual Studio and Windows, along with a Raspberry Pi 2 or 3. Explore Windows 10 IoT Core, see how to develop for Windows and non-Windows IoT devices, and find out how to use Azure IoT Hub and Stream Analytics to establish two-way communication between IoT devices and the cloud. Plus, integrate Arduino device capabilities with Windows 10 device capabilities in a single code project. Check it out!

1 | Introduction to IoT
Find out what IoT is and how it is being used in industry today (consumer products and industrial systems). Hear about current opportunities for commercial businesses and makers.

2 | Windows 10 and Universal Windows Platform Apps
Learn about the benefits that Windows 10 UWP provides to developers. See a demo using Visual Studio Community 2015 (free download) to create Windows 10 UWP apps.

3 | Introduction to Windows 10 IoT Core
Explore the capabilities provided by Windows 10 IoT Core, and see a demo on creating and deploying a C#/XAML app to a Raspberry Pi. The app toggles on and off a connected LED.

4 | Introduction to Azure Services for IoT
Explore the Azure services that are available to help you with your IoT implementations, including Azure IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Azure IoT Suite, and machine learning services.

5 | Azure IoT Hub and Device Communications
See a demo using the Azure IoT SDK for Node.js to create an IoT device app that sends data to Azure IoT Hub for real-time analysis. It also receives a command used to control a connected LED.

6 | Running Arduino Wiring Code on Windows 10 IoT Core
Learn to use the “Arduino Wiring Application for Windows IoT Core” Visual Studio project template to compile Arduino sketch code and to deploy the app to a Raspberry Pi device.

7 | Creating Node.js Apps for Windows 10 IoT Core
See a demo using Visual Studio to create a Node.js Web Server project for a Raspberry Pi 2 device running Windows 10 IoT Core. The deployed app toggles an LED on and off.

8 | Windows Remote Arduino and Virtual Shields
Hear about Windows Remote Arduino and Windows Virtual Shields for Arduino, and see how to control Arduino UNO hardware from a Windows 10 device using a Wi-Fi connection.

9 | IoT Resources and Open Source Code Projects
Get links to additional IoT resources, including open source code projects for Windows and non-Windows IoT devices that connect to Azure and Azure IoT Hub.