Immersive content creators: Your 360 audio solution is here.

We’re very proud to announce Rondo360, a revolutionary end-to-end audio solution for cinematic VR & 360 video. Rondo360 integrates with all major DAWs and workflows to yield the worlds most immersive and lifelike VR audio.

Not just another overnight technology, Rondo360 is the culmination of 15+ years of pioneering research in spatial audio, psychoacoustics, and early HRTF measurement/rendering.

The timing couldn’t be better. The burgeoning virtual reality/360 video market continues to gain steam, while the audio experience in VR is still largely underwhelming.

From pristine 360 binaural capture to powerful tools for spatial mixing to playback support across platforms, Rondo360 is your all-in-one VR audio solution.

To join the Rondo360 waitlist, head over to the site. Signing up gets you first access to the toolkit, product updates, hands-on support, and a few awesome surprises.



Rondo360 - VR Audio Solution by Dysonics- Capture Creation Playback

Capture. Creation. Playback. You’re covered with Rondo360.



Why Rondo360? Here are some key differentiators.

Supports all capture & playback formats

Rondo360 by Dysonics - VR Audio - Supports all capture & playback formatsRondo360 renders all audio formats and file types to our custom 360° MTB (motion-tracked binaural) format for hyper-realistic VR audio playback. Whether your project is new or old, whether it’s Stereo or Ambisonics or 1000 sources, you can open Rondo360 in your DAW, spatialize tracks, and output one immersive MTB file. We’ll also support other output formats like B-format (Ambisonics).

Groundbreaking 360° binaural audio format

Rondo360 by Dysonics - VR audio 360 binaural audio formatOur patented MTB audio format is the result of nearly 20 years of academic research in human audio perception, spatial sound capture/reproduction, and motion-tracked audio. Our realtime binaural stitching algorithms produce a pristine 360° audio image. MTB playback yields extremely lifelike spatial audio and the most accurate & fluid head tracking, giving listeners a remarkable sense of presence and realism.

Only VR audio solution that supports live 360° broadcasting

Rondo360 by Dysonics - VR Audio Live 360 BroadcastingFrom concerts to sporting events, the live virtual reality/360 video broadcasting market is exploding. Rondo360 is the only solution that can output a live stream with fully spatialized 360° motion-tracked audio. By adding this critical layer of audio-realism to your live VR/360 video experience, you’re putting viewers as close as they can possibly get to being there live.

Hands down the most performant VR audio solution

Rondo360 by Dysonics - most performant VR audio solutionRondo360 is the only solution that lets you do all spatialization in post production, making rendering and playback extraordinarily efficient. Whether you’re rendering 2 sources or 1000 sources, CPU load will be constant and minimal. Think of it as infinitely complex recording with fixed complexity playback — a huge advantage for mobile VR.

Realtime motion-tracked playback while editing

Rondo360 by Dysonics - Realtime motion-tracked VR audio playback with RondoMotionRondo360 ships with a RondoMotion device — Dysonics’ patented wireless motion sensor for headphones — allowing for realtime 360° motion-tracked playback within your DAW. Getting live positional feedback adds a huge level of interactivity to the editing process, and lets you experience the mix exactly as it will be heard in a VR/360 video environment.

Check out the Rondo360 page to get the full scoop and to join the waitlist.

We’re also looking for select early testers to try the tools out! If you’re in San Francisco or LA and actively producing VR/360 content, we’d love to meet you for a testing/feedback session.

If you’re interested, just sign up for the waitlist and send an email to [email protected] with some basic info on your background and the project you’d be interested in testing with.