Machine learning and artificial intelligence have undoubtedly begun to shape the way we go about our daily lives. With advances in technology happening at an unprecedented rate, we truly are on the edge of something spectacular when it comes to smartphones. So, with both Android and IOS making the most of this new technology, is it the biggest focus in the mobile industry right now?

How is Machine Learning Already Being Applied?

Many industries are already benefitting from machine learning. Those that are willing to adopt new technology are the ones who have been flourishing the most. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is even the technology behind the impressive self-driving cars being trialled in China and the US. What may have once been something you’d only see in a sci-fi movie has actually turned into reality.

Retail, law, education and healthcare are all sectors that have jumped on board with machine learning. In retail, online chatbots are helping to improve customer service. The technology is designed to adapt, meaning it can refine its answers to questions by analysing previous chats and learning how to be more useful and beneficial to consumers as it develops.

The Impact on App Development

In terms of IOS app development, there has never been a more exciting time in the mobile industry. There are more possibilities than ever before. Even in its infancy, artificial intelligence and machine learning were behind the phenomenon that was ‘Pokémon Go’. By signing up to the game, users were able to use artificial intelligence to hunt Pokémon, this was perhaps the turning point for the technology. Furthermore, companies like Sony and Samsung have an opportunity to truly push their boundaries with virtual reality – all thanks to machine learning and AI.

Better Security on Mobile

Security on smartphones has always been under scrutiny, many believe it is simply not at the level it should be. Thankfully, machine learning is able to toughen security by flagging suspicious behaviour that it’s not familiar with. It will send an alert to the user about possible threats that could be leaving their information vulnerable.

What’s more, Samsung has taken mobile security a step further with AI. Their latest smartphones were the first to use eye-recognition technology – allowing users to unlock their phone simply by staring into the sensor.

The Future of Machine Learning for Smartphones

The rapid growth of the mobile phone industry within even the last decade has been overwhelming. In the next few years, it’s clear that machine learning, along with artificial intelligence, is one of the biggest focuses of the mobile industry. Machine learning is likely to be used to further enhance the user experience, making it a more personalised world. For the biggest mobile phone companies to get ahead of the competition, they need to be prepared to adopt all new technology as it arises. Apple and Samsung have done particularly well at this, creating a healthy level of competition between the two.