There is an extension that Purpletree offers, which would allow anyone to check out all at once even with more than vendor products. The Purpletree Multivendor Marketplace extension offers a complete solution to add up Vendor functions into any particular store of Magento 2. It comprises of features in the form of Vendor Dashboard, Vendor Panel, Set Up of Commission, Manage Settlements, helping vendors to manage products and also managing of shipments by vendors. All these help to make it the most desirable extension for any store that sources products from more than one vendor.

There is also an opencart multi vendor extension available, which also helps to add up a complete marketplace capability into one’s opencart store that exists but here we will only discuss further the Purpletree Multivendor Marketplace extension for Magento 2.

Features Of The Magento 2 Multi-Vendor Extension

The Multi-Vendor Extension that Purpletree offers for Magento 2 carries with it one of the advanced features. The feature is about splitting orders for vendors. What this does is that it allows more than one order to get created, with each one belonging to separate vendors altogether.

This particular extension works out for any theme as well as the template. In case, if any issue crops up, then it can be solved by the support team of Purpletree.

Let us now take a look at some of the features available for the Admin:

  • One Can Add Or Even Edit Information Of The Vendor:

An admin can include a vendor as well as edit the information of a seller from the backend. He or she can also get rid of the sellers, who exist on the platform.

  • Admin Can Set Up Approval For Products:

This Magento multi vendor extension allows an admin to set a particular framework, in case a situation arises where the admin would require to provide approval before a product from any seller comes up in the store. The Multi-Vendor extension allows the Admin to either switch on or off the requirement for approval.

  • He Or She Can Set Approval For Registration:

There is provision, where sellers can do registration from the front end. Still, an admin could wish to verify the seller’s details before giving the approval. Admin can also set this approval requirement On/Off.

  • One Can Set Categories Of The Vendors:

It is quite possible that an admin may not wish to open up all the categories for the vendors. In such circumstances, the Admin can easily set the kinds of categories, which he or she wants the vendor to use.

  • Admin Panel Can Show The Number Of Seller Orders:

This Magento 2 Marketplace Extension adds up seller as a filter in the grid of order list. An admin can make use of that to filter out the orders, taking the names of the sellers as a basis.

  • Products Can Be Assigned To A Vendor:

The extension provides an admin as well as a seller with the luxury to manage products simultaneously. If an Admin had added a product previously, then he or she can assign that to a seller. There is more than one product, which can be assigned to a vendor.