Virtual reality (VR) and 360° imaging are hot topics in the technology world. The buzz is so big that they are set to become some of the top sellers for Christmas, with big brands like Google, Samsung and even optics and imaging specialist Nikon, placing high stakes on these fields.

In addition, the amount of media being produced by VR and 360° devices is immense. Organizing all this can be hard, as this type of media comes from multiple sources. Fortunately, Kuula, a community designed to collect and organize this flow of media, brings together the best and most creative 360° images on the web.

With the use of those images and VR technology, users can become immersed in 360° sceneries. This can be done right from any browser, mobile device or desktop computer. Kuulas, as the 360° photographs in the platform are named, can easily be uploaded, shared and seen – anytime, anywhere.

Kuula also features several editing tools and filters, allowing users to produce great pictures to share on the platform, on social media (with support for Twitter and Facebook 360° sharing), or on their own websites. Each user has a personal page, making it easy for anyone to follow their favorite creators.

This platform works with images from all sources, including smartphones and specific 360° cameras. It has a powerful 360° image viewer, with all the needed tools for a great viewing experience. Creating “tiny planets” from those photos is also a possibility, and all these images can be experienced in a unique way, with the use of the VR viewing mode, available for smartphones.

With Kuula, everyone can upload 360° images, build a following, like, discuss, and be part of a community built around this type of content. This is also one of the best sources for these images online right now, so be sure to drop a visit and dive in the world of 360° photography. []