One of the most selfless jobs that anyone can take upon themselves, besides nursing, is security. For many, they place their lives on the line to keep others safe. The generosity of spirit it takes, and the bravery, is incredible to fathom. For those who want to join the honorable field of safety and security, particularly if you’re a woman, you’ll find that there are options for those who want to get in with the boys and slightly safer options, too. Here are a few careers that you might want to consider whether you want to be on the front line or somewhere just a bit safer.

1. Cybersecurity

Perhaps one of the safest options of security is that of cybersecurity. Typically, you don’t have to worry about bullets or chasing down criminals in this field. Cybersecurity has been rapidly growing over the years as hackers become more and more advanced. Countries hire hackers in an attempt to discover trade and national secrets of other countries. Essentially, there is an invisible war that is constantly being waged that very few people actually know about. Whether you help monitor activity for a business, government agency, or even just an individual, you’re doing your part in keeping them safe.


You may also consider security in terms of home security. More and more people are getting home security cameras and other software that involves watching their home and protecting them from burglars and other criminals. Women can take up the positions of being able to rapidly respond in the event that a homeowner needs their help. This job could be what determines life from death, so those who want to feel as though they’re keeping people safe can do well in this position.

2. Transportation Security Screeners

With an emphasis being placed on border protection, there has been a sharp increase in the demand for transportation security screeners. These individuals are primarily responsible for ensuring that those who enter a state–either from another state or from a different country–are not bringing in anything illegal. They can X-ray a person as well as search them for contraband. This position is relatively safe, so for women who want to be on the front lines of security but don’t want to necessarily risk their lives, this can be an ideal position. With more and more measures being taken to improve security at borders and in key places where transportation ends or begins, the job security continues to be steady. Workers can typically expect an average salary of $48,000.

3. Law Enforcement, Ambulances, And Fire Dispatchers

Another sector within security and safety is that of dispatchers. Law enforcement, ambulances, and fire departments cannot do their jobs effectively without knowing where to go. Dispatchers have a critical role in informing the responders to as many variables as they can that they might face. For the police, being able to inform them that there is a firearm at the scene might end up saving someone’s life. For someone who calls the dispatcher with a medical emergency, the dispatcher might be able to lead them through a few medical practices that could extend the life of that person until the ambulance arrives and takes care of them.


Being a dispatcher can, at times, be an extremely stressful and high-pressured job. Applicants need to be able to think quickly on their feet and respond accordingly. For many individuals who are calling the dispatcher, they may seem like the only lifeline they have. Dispatchers make, on average, $39,640 a year. A dispatcher does not require a college degree. Instead, you only need to have a high school diploma to be able to be hired as a dispatcher. This can make the position an excellent position for those who are looking for an initial job in security and desire a challenge.