Latest Trending Fashion for Millenials

Millennials are pushing forward the boundaries of fashion each year with the new trends that are being embraced by this forward-thinking demographic. While ripped jeans and biggers shirts may just be the tip of the iceberg for Millenial fashion, there are really some cues to be taken from these new fashion trends. Here are some of the latest trending fashions for Millenials.

Millennial Pink

Pink is something that is really coming back with Millenials. This isn’t just for women. Men have been taking a liking to pink as well. This mostly goes for hats and hoodies, but you can also see it on their shirts as well. The more androgynous style that has been going on in Millenial culture promotes both genders wearing this pink color. Even though oranges are trying to make a comeback, Millenial pink is still holding strong.

Minimalism Is In

Millennials are now living a very fast-paced lifestyle. More minimal types of outfits that can be thrown on quickly are becoming a more widely worn style. Versatile types of clothes that can be worn with many different outfits are becoming increasingly popular now.

The Return of the Fanny Pack

There are quite a few 90s inspired looks that are coming back strong in Millenial fashion. The fanny pack is a great example of a 90s trend that is now a very strong part of popular fashion. Alexander Wang for Men is now selling a fanny pack that is over $600. This shows that designers aren’t messing around when it comes to this reboot of a 90s trend. Celebrities from ASAP Rocky to Kendall Jenner have been spotted wearing fashionable fanny packs from top designers.

Fashion Savy Workout Gear

There has never been a time in fashion history where people are spending more on workout gear. Athleisure clothing not only focuses on the utility of being able to work out in these clothes. With the rise of social media, you now need to look your best when you are going to the gym due to the photo opportunity that is available to you.

Art-Infused Clothing

A new trend that is sweeping Millenial fashion is art-infused clothing. Pants, dresses, and even boots that are plastered with different art prints are now in. This is a fun way to really stand out from the normal fashion that is taking place. It is a bold way to express creativity while also showing a love for culture from past decades.

Retro Neon

The 80’s are still having a pretty big impact in Millenial fashion. Windbreakers and track pants with retro neon colors are still popular in Millenial fashion. While these neon colors may not seem as intense as they did in the 80’s, they are still a bold look that will give an individual a feeling of uniqueness that they may not be able to achieve with less bold colors. These colors can be great for a strong statement at the gym or an extra exciting spin on a night out.

60’s Floral Patterns

The floral patterns that were so popular back in the 60’s are now finally coming back. These floral patterns are now being paired with the more popular orange colors that were also popular in the 60’s. While this is an older retro-inspired look, there is still a fresh feeling to this look. Designers are getting very creative in how they are using these floral patterns in their new designs.

Oversized shirts and cardigans

The new trend of lower hanging shirts and cardigans is being pushed to the extreme lately. Millennials can wear sweaters and shirts that will easily double as dresses. This style allows for easy layering.

These are just a few of the latest trending fashions for Millenials. It will be exciting to see how long these fashion trends stick around. With the fast-paced style of Millenials, it may only be a few months before these trends are completely cycled out.


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