Photo Credit — Leap Motion


Hand tracking company Leap Motion is building a new platform to bring its technology to mobile-based VR systems. The company will also upgrade its hand tracking software Orion and work with partners to integrate its new sensors into mobile VR headsets by 2017.

“We needed to build a whole new Leap Motion sensor with higher performance and much lower power,” wrote David Holz in a blog post, the co-founder and chief technology officer at Leap Motion.

“We needed to make the most sophisticated hand tracking software in the world run at nearly 10 times the speed all while making it smoother and more accurate than ever before,” he added.

Photo Credit — Leap Motion


The new sensors will offer 180 x 180 degrees field of view, the company says. Currently Leap Motion’s PC peripheral offers 140 x 120 degrees field of view.

According to David Holz, this is the beginning of an important shift towards mobile and ubiquitous wearable displays. The co-founder of Leap Motion says, eventually mobile VR will be ‘as easy and casual to use as a pair of glasses. The ultimate result of which will be the merging of our digital and physical realities.’