We all in a busy world where no one has time to check your mobile phone while being charged with the power bank. During the day time, we don’t have enough time to charge a phone and so, we all mostly charge our mobile phone at night. Most of us also put the mobile phone in charging mode throughout the night. I think you all agree with the same. Today, people carry a power bank to keep the phone charged and so, it’s obvious that people worry about leaving the phone connected with power bank to get it charged. Confused about what to use power bank or wireless mobile charger to fuel the battery?

A battery is one of the most important elements of a mobile phone and so, our favorite topic too. Today, phones use lithium (LI) batteries to speed up charging and reduce battery degradation. This is a time to check whether it is safe to leave the phone connected to a power bank for a long time or not. Here is a convincing answer to your worry.

Overcharge Protection:

The ideology of battery degrading due to overcharging was feasible a few years back. When people used low-quality power bank to charge a power bank. However, this does not apply to the current devices and power banks but ensure that you are using the right one. All the quality power banks feature with overcharge protection.

This is a special technology that protects a mobile phone battery from overcharging means you do not worry about your mobile phone. The feature involves a power circuit that quickly detects the higher limit of a terminal voltage. So, when a circuit realizes that a battery has crossed the threshold temperature value, voltage is cut off. It clearly means that your power bank will discontinue charging and so, keep calm. Your mobile phone is safe while getting charged through a power bank no matter how much time you put your phone connected to a power bank.

What Drains a Battery?

As you know that overcharging is not a concern nowadays so, what actually degrades a battery? Here are the reasons for that too.

Charge Cycles:

Do you know that each battery has a lifespan and is affected by the charging cycles? Do you know that a normal battery can have around 500 cycles means the life of a battery is one and half year without significantly degrading? This lifespan is more than the time we use our phones nowadays. Is it true? The degrading happens due to the chemical process that occurs when you put your phone on a charging mode.

Temperature Matters:

Yes, it is true temperature can affect battery performance. An extremely high temperature can lead to short-circuit in a Lithium battery and very low temperature can increase the resistance in a battery that lowers down the capacity. In both cases, the battery performance reduces.

With the above clarification and proven reasons; you have got peace of mind and stop worrying about leaving the phone connected with a charger. And one more thing; you search for power bank price online, you should ensure that it is equipped with an overcharging protection feature. There are lots of internet marketers who are promoting genuine power bank online. You can get the price of power bank online by searching on Google.