This year’s Lenovo Tech World has got underway in San Francisco, with a smart phone embedded with Google-created Tango augmented reality technology as Thursday’s curtain-raiser.

The Chinese computer giant Lenovo has unveiled its market-ready PHAB2 Pro which is the first smart phone in the world to have embedded with the Tango augmented reality technology. With this technology, the Lenovo PHAB2 Pro is capable of sensing and mapping its surroundings, enabling holograms to be overlaid on real world settings for anything from game play to furniture layout in rooms.



Lenovo phab2 Pro



Smart phone is not the only intelligent gadget Lenovo takes interests and invests money in. Lenovo CEO Yang Yuanqing has already focused his attention on various home appliances.

“And these intelligent equipment will be manageable and controllable, and be connected to cloud computation. We want to develop intelligent terminals and equipment that will be used in different environments, and connect these intelligent terminals and equipment to cloud computation to provide the most comfortable services. That is the direction for development of [technologies] in the future,” says Yang Yuanqing.

The CEO gets his insight from the wisdom of his company’s engineers.

“There is an incredible amount of engineering capital and expertise, and I’m actually really excited to see how it evolves of the next few years. I often wonder like, you know, there is so much capacity inside of China; it’s just a matter of time before really interesting products come out of there,” says Tango engineering director Johnny Lee.

Along with its smart phone, the Chinese computer giant is also showcasing such of its latest products as the Tango handset and the new Moto Z model that can be transformed into video projectors or powerful loudspeakers.