It is very obvious and known that social media can also be helpful in boosting traffic to a website. Practically, it can be conducted while pursuing social media marketing strategy and it has been a proven fact how effective those strategies can be in successfully increasing the traffic towards your site. Well, in order to achieve the same, you need to invest your time and effort and then patiently you will taste the success. Hard work is required, and a very consistent approach is to be followed for a period of time. These ways are no longer theories but can be followed in real time.

Ways of Driving Social Media Marketing Traffic towards your Site

Instead of keep humming the word traffic and social media marketing, you should really get started with the following numerous ways in order to achieve the aim of increasing the traffic.

  • Passing website link in all social site accounts

If you have decided to get maximum traffic at your site, start building more and more social media accounts if you don’t have. If you already have existing accounts, then start posting your website URL in your profiles. Well, chances could be that people might ignore it, but it’s worth taking the risk as it is one of the good SEO strategies and you never know you may start getting traffic.

  • Effective Utilization of Hashtags

Nowadays, using hashtags in any of your social media posts has become a trend, and the posts get maximum exposure through trending in a short span of time. There are many online articles which can guide you on how to use them appropriately and effectively in the posts.

  • Social Platforms Advertisement Capabilities

You can see yourself how followers on social media sites are increasing in numbers on a daily basis. And thus, it becomes hard to push your posts on top with others in the competition. Hundreds of followers at an instant of the time go through dozens of posts, and the display window of social media sites has the constraint of displaying the only a couple of them. So, in organic search, there might be a possibility that your post couldn’t get more audience viewership.

Some of the social platforms have made some changes in their logic to display post only to a fragment of followers thus using advertisement idea can get you a level up. Well, this idea may incur costs, but its implications are cost effective and can get you a better score for the targeted audience.

  • Provided Easy Sharing Options for Followers

Once you start getting visitors at your site, you need to work on your site content and also make it worthy of sharing. If the audiences like it, they share it with others, so it might help your site getting more visibility. Attach a properly configured Share button which can let users share the post with their friends and followers without any hassle.

Their followers will start becoming your followers, thus, win! Win!

  • Making site content more engaging through links and images

There are certain topics which can become more interesting if appropriate images could get attached with the text. Many followers understand the meaning of the topic just by following the images more quickly than reading simple, plain and long texts. As per Latest social media post format, images are now mandatory to be there in the post otherwise most followers might skip it and move ahead.

Secondly, like on Instagram, posts are now pre-formatted where an image, short description, and link to the source is added. This is very helpful for an individual who is looking for ways to increase traffic through Instagram towards its site. Add full content source at your site and just pass a short link at your Instagram profile. By doing so, you will be in benefits. Your followers for Instagram count will get increased, and you will get more audiences at your personal site.

  • Regular Posting but No Over Promotion of Business Site

If you regularly post your good content on social media, your followers will not be disappointed and can help you in increasing your traffic count by sharing and advertising to their friends. But, if you want traffic for your business site, you need to be extra careful. Don’t cross the line of over promotion as people start getting irritated and bored when they found only product related ads and posts. Some might be interested, but others may not be. So, promote your product line or business but in a manageable way.

  • Evergreen Blogs Never Fail to impress Influencers

Blogs are the evergreen ideas which one can follow to increase their traffic base count. If you want to attract an Influencer’s attention and their follower base towards your site, try impressing them through your blog content. Try adding valuable information, a unique approach to content and the latest format in your blog writing. Good content attracts the common follower’s eye, but the best blog catches the attention of Industry Influencer’s mind whose followers’ account is ten times to that of yours’. Keep posting the best blogs.

  • Building a social media circle through Interaction

Well if you want something, you have to give something. You need to start interacting with your followers as well. Just keep increasing the number won’t necessarily help in getting loads of traffic. Start initiating interaction as well as with others by like, comment and share their content as well.


Social media marketing is a very big opportunity for someone who is looking for various ways of increasing the traffic, and it is one of the best techniques to be followed. It requires effort, but in return, it pays off well.