Everyone wants to appear legitimate in the eyes of the public. In addition to helping you maintain a forthright reputation, you are also able to grow your company.

When people trust you, your brand, and your products, they are more likely to invest in all three. It is not easy, however, to gain the conviction of people. Far too often, people have proven to be less than trustworthy.

It is an endeavor that is well worth the effort, just ask business experts Global Resources. They are aware of how credibility can translate into better opportunities for your startup. Here are some of the most important things that you can do:

Outline your values  

Prior to defining your values to your customers, you need to first consider where your principles lie. You need to choose something that you wholeheartedly support, without a doubt. It is only when you have enough faith in your ethics, that you will be able to convince others.

Make sure that you are fully committed to the values that you are selling. You should not simply choose certain principles that you feel will make your company look better to your customers or partners.

Remember, people will be able to easily see through you if you do not believe what you are selling. You have to be convinced that what you are offering your customers is the best solution to their problems. Sell it like it’s the only option.

Be honest

It seems like such an easy and obvious point. Unfortunately, there is far too much proof that shows us just how difficult telling the truth can be. If you want to set yourself apart from your competitors, you are going to have to be honest – always. This does not mean just with your clients.

You should also take this stance with your employees. If your company is going through a particularly rough patch, inform your employees of this. Do not keep them in the dark. Honesty is one of the first steps to fostering that trust that you seek.

Trust that your employees have the best interest of the company at heart, and get them involved in decision making and achieving business goals. If you hired the very best, trust that they will do their jobs and give them the space to deliver on their milestones. Trust them to deliver. Don’t micro manage.

Practice what you preach

Too often, we find people saying one thing and doing something completely different. It is difficult to place your faith in an individual and a company that does not practice what they preach.

If you really want to appear credible, you are going to have to walk the walk. You should do this even when you are receiving backlash for your opinions. As long as you remain true to your beliefs, people will believe in you.

Avoid façade

Fake it till you make it is advice that you often hear. This piece of guidance is certainly not wrong. It, however, should not be taken to heart when it comes to who you and your company are appearing to be. You should not pretend to be an entity that you simply are not. It is much easier and safer to simply be yourself.

It is surprisingly difficult for a startup to appear credible. One of the reasons is that there have been too many deceivers before you. It is also because too often, it is much easier to be untruthful or to take shortcuts.

Though it may be difficult, it is best to walk straight and narrow. Be open, honest and provide your very best of service like your business depends on it.