Obvious and sized breasts are owned by women. Through them, people can actually distinguish if the person in front of them is male or female… but have you ever wondered why some men seem to have huge breasts? Those are called “man boobs”. Yes, they aren’t normal. They could be diagnosed with gynecomastia, which is the enlargement of breasts in male due to imbalance in the hormones. That, however, isn’t always the case. Not all men with “man boobs” have gynecomastia. Some only look like they have one, but it’s not true. It could be pseudogynecomastia.

Pseudogynecomastia is when the male boobs get bigger than the usual yet not because of hormonal imbalance but of excess fat deposits in the chest. The usual notion when you see a fat guy is that he has man boobs or his nipples will most likely be obvious from his shirt. When you see a fat boy with man boobs, you say, “It’s because he’s fat.” Yes, that’s true, but it’s not only because his body is fat but because his chest specifically has more fat than normal.

You ask: “What causes pseudogynecomastia?” Well, the answer isn’t a lot, but what they do to the body is big.


Too much is not good. Consuming a lot of acidic foods is one of the causes of pseudogynecomastia. You might not easily or normally see it as a root because many of the food people eat contain acid. Also, today, people just eat and eat and eat even without checking the ingredients, the nutritional benefits and also the disadvantages of what they consume.

Eating foods with plenty of preservatives added to them such as junk foods, processed goods, sodas, sweet foods and drinks and fast food are very unhealthy to the body as they make way for the body’s pH levels to go up. Grains and other protein-rich foods also do the same thing if intake is too much. They trigger the portion of fats in the body to come and move, most especially in the chest/breast area.


Drugs used for illegal and leisure purposes are always harmful. Drug users and abusers say that they experience great pleasure and escape from the harsh reality of life’s problems whenever they take in illegal drugs. They continue to drug themselves until overtime, with several usings, their body organs and systems get damaged and dysfunctional. Drug addiction isn’t only limited to impaired and hard-to-control mind and thinking. It goes up to affecting the body physically with how the user feels and looks like.


There are two reasons why men take steroids. One is for medical purposes (lack of steroid in the body); and two is for fitness and figure purposes. For medical purposes, there is a prescription from doctors, however, for fitness purposes, most of the time, there is none. Bodybuilding steroids are commonly used especially by those who want to have huge muscles and a nice body. Too much of them, however, causes too much fatty deposits in the chest.


High estrogen leads the body to store more fat in the chest. It doesn’t end on the chest fat because they themselves also convert testosterone to estrogen, and that’s why there’s low production of testosterone and also low metabolism. Since estrogen is the hormone responsible for fostering the growth, development and maintenance of female features in the body, too much of it in men lead to more chest fat and breast tissues.  


Although even men with normal weight can develop pseudogynecomastia, still, the most common cases affect those who are overweight and mostly obese. The prime reason of obesity is unhealthy lifestyle comprised of unhealthy eating and lack of regular exercise. Those who do not spend some time to walk, run or jog but most of the time eat foods that aren’t nutritious are at risk of obesity. This is why men who are obese mostly have big man boobs. Pseudogynecomastia is, again, the rise of fat deposits in the chest area, and overweight and obese men develop them more easily than those with normal body condition.



There you have it! The ones mentioned above are the most usual roots of pseudogynecomastia. It is important to be aware of them because this condition in men highly affects one’s confidence when it comes to wearing clothes, moving and interacting with other people. Being informed of the causes of pseudogynecomastia is relevant because without knowing the causes, no one will know how to prevent, avoid and get rid of it. As you can notice, almost all of the listed ones are caused by the person himself. They fall under how the person takes care of himself and lives a good and healthy lifestyle, thus, it is very essential for men (and of course, for everyone) to stay healthy by living healthy!


Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Geniale, a holistic Medical Aesthetics and Skin Cancer Centre in Australia that aims to provide brilliant experience, treatment and result to its guests. She cares a lot about her skin and her body and encourages others to care about theirs too through writing safe reminders and informative pieces about skin and health. | Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.