Marketing is all about spreading the message that your company is the right one to work with. Your work ethic, quality of work and the quality of the tools you provide can’t be summarized in a couple catchy sentences or logo, but if those intrigue the consumer enough, they will do their own research into your company themselves. A good workaround is to showcase these things live exactly where the work is being done. What better place to advertise such things than the very site you work on? A passerby or inquiring developer might keep you in mind if they see what you have to offer in action.

Brand your equipment

In this day and age, easily identifiable brands are the cornerstone of marketing. A well-designed logo that catches the eye will remind people to check out your equipment in action on the construction site. Add a catchy slogan that you can’t get out of your head, and customers won’t forget about your brand when choosing the tools they need for the job.

Brand recognition is all the rage when there’s just so many different manufacturers that the consumer won’t even bother to check the quality of each and every single one. Your stuff has to stand out visually to get their attention.

2. Repurpose your scrapped materials

Instead of getting rid of unused or scrapped things, you can contact local artists to pick through them for projects of their own. Modern art can make use of the simplest things if the creator is imaginative enough. Make a deal with them. They can use whatever you have left over, but they have to mention your company somewhere in their exhibit. Free exposure and no need to dispose of unwanted things; two birds with one stone!

You may have to look around town for these people. But be sure that if you look hard enough and make some calls, they’ll be there. Art is a good PR magnet, after all.

3. Partner up with schools

Another way to increase your influence locally is to show the youth of today how construction works from concept to reality. Contact some local schools and offer to show the kids how the industry works. Specific vocational classes in high schools and universities will probably show more interest, so you should focus on those. You could even source some local talent this way, thereby possibly getting an experienced and well-trained workforce right from the start.

The kids are eager to learn and the schools can always use some extracurricular activities to educate them. Let’s not forget that voluntarily teaching kids would be very good press for any firm that does this.

4. Keep your online presence up

An old-looking, not very well-maintained website will not do you favors when it comes to visitors. You need to show your customers that you run a company that is relevant, modern, and able to keep up with the internet age. Hire an IT specialist or seek help from a company that manages business websites to get the most bang for your buck. A sleek design that features your logo will also boost brand awareness even more, so keep that in mind when picking the right one.

Put your company on many of the various review sites, as customers will always check those before making their choice. Make sure your good work is well documented on these websites for a good rating.

5. Cover your fences with banners

Every unused surface is potentially a good place to put a banner on and fences are no exception. Pick a good size that is slightly smaller than the fence itself so it can be pleasing to the eye. Pick the right material, the right color high-quality print, and make sure it doesn’t wrinkle. There’s more than enough fencing to go around so it’s almost impossible for anyone to miss your brand when walking next to or around the construction site.

This as an especially popular method in Australia where a high-quality printed fence wrap in Sydney with proper color print will easily catch the eye and show everyone passing by exactly the message you want to showcase and single you out from an ocean of competitors. More than that, it can be used as a pretty cover for the dirty and dusty work behind the fence wrap that isn’t nice to look at.

6. Add free Wifi to your site

A construction site can be loud and annoying to passersby and people who work in the vicinity of the site. With the trucks coming and going, the noise from machinery and people working many will feel that the construction site is a nuisance. With free Wifi, you can offset some of the negatives that nearby people experience, and maybe even make it a positive. Just a handful of Wifi stations with signs that say your company is sorry for the noise can turn public opinion around slightly.

You can also add a link to your company website to further increase the usefulness of the signs, and promote your brand.


In conclusion, your company can benefit quite a bit from a little know-how in local, on-site marketing and from an online presence, the equipment you use, the fences and even signs are all an untapped gold-mine of potential to advertise yourself with. No surface should go unused, and no material thrown away without considering how else it could help you spread the message that your company is the one to work with.