There is another product on the market that is targeting to cut the cost of energy and helping work towards a sustainable environment. Kickstarter is promoting Orison claiming that it will reduce the energy costs and contribute to healing the energy grid. It is considered to be more reliable than existing renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power.

When using the Orison, you will decide when you need to store energy and it seems popular as it has already earned upwards of $290,000. It is not the first of this type of product as the Tesla Powerwall collects energy from solar panels in the home. The advantage of the Orison is that there is no need to use a professional to install it as it is simply plugged in, so you miss the hassle of arranging someone to come and do the job for you. There is another advantage in as much as there is a 5,000 recharge/10 year warranty.

The Orison Kickstarter page explains that there has to be mass use of this and any other product to be sustainable. The ease in which this can be used gives it a head start and when it is considered there is no need to get a permit or indulge in wiring etc. it clearly is working towards this aim. Orison comes in two forms – one plugs into the wall and has LD backlighting. There is also one that is a tower, and this includes a Bluetooth speaker and USB ports meaning that you can recharge items directly from it.

Meet Orison Powerwall's New Competitor

The wall-mounted version will on sale for $1,600 and the tower version be $1,950. If you preorder on Kickstarter, though, the wall panel can be purchased for as little as $1,200 and the tower unit for as little as $1,750.