It’s the cheaper alternative to Microsoft HoloLens


During the Microsoft Surface event, General Manager Megan Saunders said “powerful and affordable VR is coming to you.” With that, the company then announced VR hardware ‘accessories’ for the upcoming Windows 10 Creator’s Edition software update.

Specifically, Microsoft is working with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer to launch $299 VR/mixed reality headsets to work with Creator’s Edition PC’s.

Further details about the new, cheaper VR headset were not released – it doesn’t even have a name beyond ‘accessory.’ However from the demo, it seems to be untethered and running Windows 10. It also doesn’t seem to be directly a Microsoft device – rather the companies will be running the software provided by Microsoft.

This is likely a move to make mixed reality devices more accessible since the developer’s kit for HoloLens is so ridiculously high at $3,000. There’s no actual release date yet but we’re expecting next spring when the Windows 10 update hits.

Microsoft made its augmented reality headset available to buy in the US and Canada back in August allowing anyone with a Microsoft account and a US/Canada address to buy one, then released it in the UK in October. With the new partnerships, it can in a way, add affordable headsets to its lineup. However it’s still early – we’ll have to wait and see just how good this accessory really is next year. [Wareable]