Sometimes we need to be reminded of the basics. Namely, your office can be set in the best location in town, in a state-of-the-art building. It can have amazing tech, with the latest software and equipment. However, all that pales in comparison when you don’t get the right basic gear on board. Below we have taken the liberty of forming a kind of checklist on the items that every office simply can’t do without.

The right desks and chairs

Understand that your employees will spend almost eight hours every day at their desks. This is forty hours a week, one hundred and sixty a month, and you do the rest of the math. The point here is – this is a lot of time spent in a single chair or desk. Know that comfort and ergonomics greatly increase employee morale, which leads to an increase in productivity. This also creates a better work atmosphere. It will also show your employees that you care about their well-being, and that you are trying to make their lives a bit better.

Try to do some research, and get people appropriate ergonomic chairs and desks. An employee who deals with back pain during the entirety of their workday will not really focus on his or her work.

Proper lighting

Getting the right lighting system can do wonders for productivity and morale. Now, the best thing you can do, if possible, is get as much natural light in as you can. Natural light has numerous health benefits. It improves your mood, helps strengthen your immune system, and in general make your day better and more productive.

However, artificial lighting is just as important. It’s not only a matter of having enough light to actually see what you’re doing. We all know how soul-crushing and depressing the buzz of neon lights can be. Try to get something warmer, or a light system designed for an office that isn’t just about robotic productivity.

Appropriate hygiene and trash equipment

Imagine coming to an office and seeing dirt and trash everywhere. Not a pretty sight now, is it? This is an extreme example, but even a wastebasket that is always filled to the brim, a lack of soap in the bathroom, and a bit of dirt can lead to lower morale.

So, always keep your bathrooms stocked with hygienic supplies. Your office should never run out of toilet paper and liquid soap. Have trash bins everywhere, and have them emptied regularly. Don’t go with some small, cheap models, actually get something people can use. Get recycling boxes as well, and try to invest in bins that are inconspicuous.

Good a good internet setup

It’s basically impossible to imagine a modern company running without reliable broadband nowadays. Even if you don’t need it directly for your work, it’s still an important commodity. Furthermore, don’t just get the cheapest, slowest version possible. The only thing worse than no internet connection is a slow internet connection. Provide your employees with reliable broadband they can actually use.

And it goes without saying just how important this can be for a company that does most of its work online. Whether its social media, analytics, or just general research, you need a fast internet connection.

Computers (and accompanying gear)

Of course, you also need the right computers and laptops for your office. Furthermore, you need headphones, keyboards, computer mice… Of course, every office is different. For example, you may not need the best possible specifications if your employees just need to use an excel spreadsheet and Microsoft word from time to time. A tech startup on the other hand will most likely need some powerful machinery. A call centre may need high-quality headphones with high-quality mikes.

If you’re willing to really invest in your peripheral gear, you can get noise cancelling headphones. These will help people focus on the work at hand more easily.


There are several appliances you need to get if you want your company to run in tip-top shape. One of these is, of course, a coffee machine. Businesses practically run on coffee, and you need to get a good one if you want to keep your people productive and occupied. Furthermore, outfit your rec room. Get a microwave in there, as well as a fridge. Your people will appreciate being able to bring food from home, instead of just buying whatever junk food is being sold in your area.


Sometimes all we have to do to get a good company up and running is getting the basics down. Keeping your employees comfortable with some good chairs and desks can mean more than the best motivational coach, and the most expensive rec room. Getting the right tools to help them with their jobs, getting some appliances, and providing proper lighting – mastering the basics will go a long way.