There’s no need to say that technology is changing the world we live in. While some technologies have for a purpose to help us work or have fun, there are devices that have been specifically designed to keep us safe. And with 1.25 million people dying in car accidents every year, it’s absolutely necessary that you invest in devices that can keep you safe while on the road. Here are five of them that might be exactly what you’re looking for.


This one’s kind of obvious but it’s absolutely necessary that you have airbags in your car. Airbags have saved so many lives and in case you get in a car accident, your chances of surviving are way lower without them. There are two types of airbags – dual side airbags and side airbags. Dual side airbags actually include two different sets of airbags, one of which go off in case of a minor accident while both go off in a more serious crash. When it comes to side airbags, their main purpose is to help drivers and passengers avoid serious head injuries.

Parking sensors

For many drivers out there, reversing is one of the most difficult aspects of driving. In order to avoid hitting someone or something while reversing, you might want to think about installing parking sensors. If you ever get close to damaging your car and putting your health at risk while reversing, these little things will go off and make a sound. It should also be noted that new parking sensors also come with “Cross Traffic Alert” which can alert you if there’s another vehicle approaching while you’re exiting a parking spot.

Braided hoses

The original hoses that come with your car usually have a relatively short lifespan. So, if your car is a few years old, you might want to think about replacing these as old hoses can be a safety hazard. And if you decide to replace these, investing in braided hoses is a good idea. Luckily, finding these little things shouldn’t be tough. Ordering a braided hose from companies like T.I. Performance is the easiest way to make sure you have any hose you want and stay safe while on the road.

Dashboard camera

A dashboard camera is another device that can help you stay safe while on the road. The most obvious benefit of having a dashboard camera in your vehicle is that it makes a lot easier to determine who caused a car accident. However, it also allows you to record and report bad drivers to local authorities. Not only does this makes you safer while driving but it also helps other drivers avoid car accidents as well. Dashboard cameras have become quite affordable and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have one of these installed in your vehicle.

Tire pressure gauge

Another safety device you can consider adding into your arsenal is a tire pressure gauge. Incorrect tire pressure doesn’t only mean you’ll use more fuel but it also increases your chances of experiencing a blowout and getting into a car accident. The best thing about having a tire pressure gauge is that it keeps you and your car safe and it doesn’t require more than five minutes to ensure everything’s okay with your tires. If you decide to get one of these, opting for one with a digital display is recommended.

With these five devices, avoiding car accidents will be a lot easier. And with more and more vehicle safety devices being released, it’s recommended that you keep an eye for some new gadgets and gizmos you might want to invest in.