Life is hard if you aren’t willing to customize your approach at living a good one. Seek out a meaningful way to attend to important matters in the most efficient way possible. Your home is yours, and it should be an expression of you and help to promote the best life possible. Your home can help your productivity and motivation. Here are some ideas to make that possible.


A messy home reflects what’s going on inside the homeowner’s mind, but it can also cause the homeowner to think in a messy, jumbled and distracted way. Also, your brain has a lovely way of reminding you, incessantly, of what needs to be done until you get it done. For all these reasons, you need to organize your home to help improve productivity. The good news is that you don’t have any one rule to follow for improving your home’s organization. You can use bins, boxes, shelves, put things up on the wall, hang them from the ceiling or anything else you can imagine. The only thing you want to aim at is to have things easily accessible and grouped efficiently.

Open Layout

Another thing that lends to productivity is having a home with an open layout. Barriers or obstacles in your home represent a block to problem-solving. Try to rearrange your home in a way where you can see everything in an open format. Think of placing furniture in angles or circles. If you have two sofas, arrange them in an “L” against two walls.


Colors in general help you to problem solve and to be productive because they engage the right side of your brain. That said, you want to use colors in your home that make you feel happy, alert but calm. Colors have a profound effect on how you feel, so it’s important to use colors that have a positive effect. If you share your home with someone else, you need to have a talk about the colors in your home and you should both be comfortable with your color scheme. If anything, choose a room for yourself and go to town with choosing the perfect colors that are right for you. Do all your thinking and work in this room because you’ll get the most done.

Promote Efficiency

Distractions get in the way of productivity, so one of the best ways to increase productivity in the home is to promote a distraction-free home. You might need to turn off the TV, turn off the ringer on your phone or reduce sound and other distractions in other ways. You can use your home automation system to work in your favor in this manner. Manage all of your lights, water, TV’s, temperature and everything else with one device.


You might be surprised to read about this, but sounds also have a profound effect on your mind and productivity. Certain music can help you to problem solve. If you like classical music, it’s the perfect thing to listen to while writing. If you prefer upbeat, dance music, you can listen to instrumental versions of your favorite songs, as long as you don’t secretly think of the lyrics in your mind. Bamboo wind chimes have a wonderful effect on your mind and mood. Trickling water is a relaxing sound that helps you to feel more grounded and centered.


Smells can transport you to places faster than a plane. Smells can remind us of grandma’s fresh-baked apple pies, cut grass on a Saturday morning or laundry that’s warm out of the dryer. You want to have smells in your home that help you to feel relaxed. While it’s nice to have freshly washed laundry and a mowed lawn, you can achieve the same results with some potpourri or candles. Your brain isn’t going to analyze whether it’s real. You’ll just naturally feel more relaxed and more suited towards achieving the task at hand.

Your brain can be a wonderful resource if you let it. Do things that maximize brain function, and you will live a much easier life.