With its much-anticipated release this September, speculations are doing the rounds on iPhone 8’s possible features. Among the rumors are about its #augmented reality (AR) features. Pokemon Go topped the charts on its release last year. Now, more and more AR #Apps are dominating the app market especially with the features that the iPhone 8 brings.

The iPhone 8 feature

September is fast approaching which brings people closer to the release of the newest iPhone 8. Among the rumored specs is for the phone to have multiple depth sensing cameras. This would enable AR apps to function even better, giving more satisfaction to users.

Also, the front camera is to have an infrared device that allows 3D space on the phone. This can allow users to take selfies and allow iris scanning or facial recognitions. Most importantly, it’s the best way to be in an augmented world of AR apps.

Moreover, a more efficient processor can aid in providing better app usage. Another feature is the enhancement in its motion-sensing capability. PrimeSense will pioneer in developing the phone’s hardware. The firm teamed with Apple in 2013 which will use an algorithm to showcase future enhancement for gamers. The company has also teamed up in developing Microsoft’s Kinect Gaming console.

Also, Apple will pioneer in the AR market because Google’s effort in establishing it didn’t work so well. Tango, their AR platform was a disaster since it was only available for two smartphones.

The AR revolution

Augmented reality is a helpful technological innovation that caters accessibility within one’s smartphone. AR is a combination of the “real reality” and virtual reality. Over the years, AR apps have been rapidly growing in the techno world. Aside from games, a lot of categories were made by app developers to do all sorts of things. A few of them are to educate, entertain, expand users’ creative minds, share helpful information, ease business transactions, and more.

The availability of AR on smartphones is ushering forth a new era of advancement. Developers are also on the leap to innovating apps that provide augmented reality services.

A furniture app was developed that can give users an experience to shop with ease. The shop’s AR app contains an array of furniture to choose from. A 3D image overlay will be provided, depending on their choice. Also, customers can go through colors and patterns of their choice. They can also alter the dimensions up to their desire.

A hassle-free transaction is what customers want these days.

Aside from that, Apple has developed a new framework that was released last June. ARKit offers an augmented reality experience for Apple gadgets. Prototypes of AR applications are being tested to offer better virtual experience to users. In fact, Apple is encouraging other app developers to make more applications that could bring information and digital objects within your reach.

This is just the beginning of the AR apps era. More and more retail applications will soon rise on the app market. The try-at-home feature will be available to more things. It’ll include home accessories, car gadgets, clothing and so much more.