Changes in technology have already changed almost every feature of running a business and they are especially affecting the HR side of it. It has always been the trickiest part of running a company because, for the most part, you need to take a chance on an employee and see how it goes.

These tech innovations aren’t here to replace traditional HR techniques but to improve on them and to make the job easier for the HR team that will still need to be in contact with the management and in touch with the employees themselves.

Newest HR Trends to Look out For


HR interviews are often seen as the hardest part of recruiting an employee. They are often formulaic and those who are familiar with the industry usually have ready answers on most common interview questions. Chatbots, mostly used in sales and customer interaction, can help with this as well.

A chatbot could be used to look for key phrases and to steer the conversation in the direction according to your needs. It’s therefore great for the initial part of the hiring process since it can point the HR team towards the right candidate where a person could take over.

Data analytics

Your employees leave a digital trail online about their former jobs but also about their personal lives and interests. Going through it may take quite a long time if you do it via an interview. Using tech instead means you’ll get a much clearer image about who your employees are and what they bring to the table.

This goes much beyond the hiring process. For instance, office perks and benefits, such as a universal gift card or a chance to learn a new skill, become much more personalized when you are able to know your employees from day one. In large companies, this can save quite a lot of time and effort.

Employee management

Employee management and HR need to be connected as much as you’re able to connect them because that way, you know that you’re using your resources based on the abilities and interests of the employees you have on deck.

Corporate performance management is especially relying on a variety of software tools that let you keep track of your employees individually and as teams and thus prevent burn out and make sure that everyone is giving their best on the job.

Newest HR Trends to Look out For

Communication tools

Communication within the office is essential in itself, but it’s becoming even more so now that there are many different ways to be employed by a company. Most companies have full-time and part-time employees, freelancers, and even some services outsourced abroad.

All of this makes communication tools essential for human resources management. The goal of an HR team is to make the office environment as friendly and as productive as it can be. A big part of that is to make sure that everyone’s voice is being heard. Have in mind that adapting the employees to these communication tools is also an expense your business will need to handle.

Human resources are the most important asset a company can have. That’s why you need to invest in it like you would in any other asset. A big part of it is to keep an eye on the latest tech in the field.