Online Maps are seeing unprecedented popularity these days thanks to the internet. However, sometimes we struggle to find WIFI connection or mobile network on our handsets. Instead of relying on the mercy of some passer-by or a good Samaritan, we can get help from those app development companies that provide offline navigation.

In the nutshell, these are the offline-maps which guide us when we are out of coverage of our network area or WIFI connection. Most of these apps are developed in Android OS as it is the most popular and successful mobile OS. Many of them are interactive but some are just plain old maps with details.

These offline apps are the newest addition to the market of on-demand apps. They help passengers and travelers in finding their destination without getting lost in the bylanes of a crowded city or in a strange locality. What makes them particularly desirable is their availability even when you stray into some deserted area or your mobile connection cannot work properly.

The map service apps give you a fair idea of your location and whereabouts. They also give possible routes to the destination if you are stuck somewhere. These apps calculate distances, locate nearby places or landmarks and depict public transport routes, cycle or walking paths among many other things. Some of them also allow GPS tracking and import or export of tracks or paths.

There free versions and paid versions both and users can choose based on their requirement and affordability. Frequent travelers can definitely avail many features with paid versions.

Offline apps use lesser data and mobile battery. They come easy on pockets with enviable features. Android OS is currently favourites and these on-demand apps are growing day-by-day. With many unplanned, visits these offline maps come handy to their users. While choosing an offline map service, the user must take into account the frequency and variety of places to visit.

If they travel within a region or city frequently, offline maps are very useful. If the users want to save their mobile data and mobile battery, they should use offline maps and their service. Free versions are always desirable but if the user can afford they must choose a paid version to avail better and more features of these apps.

Some of the most popular and effective map service apps are listed below.

1. Google Maps : Google Maps provides both online and offline map services. Offline maps are easy to use and comprehensible. While they offer data offline one must download maps of the desired locations or area beforehand. So you can download it before starting your journey or while you are still online.

They have many features like saving, deleting or updating the offline maps. Up to 1.5 GB of data can be stored in maps. To prevent your offline maps from being expired keep them periodically updated. Offline maps do not cover interactive traffic info, walking directions and alternative routes. But they give you enough info to find your destination though.

2. Maps.Me is another offline map service that works efficiently for users. They have clearly defined maps with easy to use and detailed point of interest. They give you turn-by-turn routing with swift zoom-in and zoom-out options. Their maps are very accurate. They are perfect for trips when you are offline. These maps are categorized according to continents and display their file size. This is very handy and portable app which comes free for its users.

3. OSMand maps : OSMand maps is great offline map service that gives Google maps a run for its money. Though it has both paid and free versions, the free version is most popular. It has features like voice-enabled navigation, creating/recording or managing GPS track, rerouting, day or night modes, walking, cycling and hiking paths.

It also shows regular stops for public transports (like bus, tram, train). They provide options between all of the region or only the road network data to choose from.

4. HERE maps : HERE maps are offline maps but different from others in its look and feel. One can download as many maps as required after registering with map service. They are very similar to Google Maps but give a better interior view of a building or place.

They can give you different options for modes of transport, estimated time and cost. HERE maps were earlier available in WINDOWS LUMIA phones, but now they are also available in Android OS flavour.

5. Galileo maps: Galileo maps are a good option for offline map service. They give you features like GPS tracking, different label sizes for maps, 11 different languages supported, export and import of the tracks and one finger zooming. The map service is already available for iOS users and now available for Android OS users as well.

6. Sygic maps: Sygic map service are another set of trusted map service apps. They deliver hundreds of high definition maps from around the world. It keeps the offline maps updated throughout the year. They provide voice-enabled GPS tracking with spoken names of streets. Map service helps in pedestrian walking with GPS navigation. Lane assistance is also available to let the user choose right lane. They display tourist navigation and attractions too.

7. CoPilot maps: CoPilot map service is a hidden gem among existing apps. This is specially designed for drivers and those who love driving big way. It has numerous offline maps to offer to the user. It also minimizes the distractions for drivers while giving info in easy to grasp form.

The map service offers 3 alternative routes as an option for optimized driving and provides up to 52 stops for a multi-stop road trip. They provide both paid and free versions where free version lasts for 7 days only whereas the premium version has better functionalities.

8. TomTom Go maps: TomTom Go map service is the underrated player. It offers many features like innumerable offline maps, navigation using GPS, hundreds of points of interest, rerouting, Voice-enabled navigations, maps of up to 100 countries and others. Up to 50 miles they are freely available and thereafter one had to use the paid version.

The list given above is not by any means a final list. Many other apps can be included in this list. Users must choose after getting a proper feedback and expert opinions on the other apps. The offline map service is an expanding arena and we would see many other entries of apps in the future.